Monday, January 2, 2012

Baby B–12 weeks

My oh my, week 12 was full of fun.  Not only did the babe get to celebrate Christmas but it was an eventful week as well!  We had a wonderful Christmas, very low key but filled with family fun.  We hosted this year and though I worked the day before and the day after, we pulled everything off and I still had time to rest.  Fun as it is to be home for Christmas, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss being home with my family.  Maybe next year!

Christmas this year, as well as we had things planned, seemed rushed and a little off.  We’re chalking it up to the fact that we moved into our house just a few weeks before.  Even so, our tree went up and decorations went out, so at least everything looked incredibly festive.  If you are interested how I finally decided to display our cards…I have to say, the idea I came up with was a keeper.  I bought a wood ring garland a couple of months ago from West Elm for $2.99 on clearance.  At this point, I wish I would have thought to buy more.  But in the end, when tacked on the wall, it became the perfect, simple, rustic card display.  I’m so loving it and I’m sure it will be the last thing I will want to take down.  I love seeing our family and friends all up on the wall!

Even with the craziness of Christmas, I have to say things are going great.  Baby is growing strong and mama is starting to show.  I really just look like I ate too many cookies, but Alex and I know, this belly is bigger than normal and I love it!  Little baby belly:)

How big is baby?

This week the charts report that baby is as big as a plum or a peach.  Either way, these are some of my favorite fruits!  Seems so big after starting out as a grain of sand.  We don’t get to see the babe for another 7 weeks but I can hold out since we’ll be finding out the gender at that appointment.  I can’t wait to see whether this little bee is a boy or a girl!  Either way we’ll be ecstatic…although if it’s a girl it’s going to be operation find a name at our house!

How am I feeling?
I’m feeling great.  Still exhausted but really fortunate that I haven’t been sick at all.  One thing I’ve noticed is that I definitely have cravings and aversions.  One day I’ll love one thing and hate it the next.  The only things that never change are milk, peanut butter, salt and vinegar chips, oranges, and anything Asian, especially pad thai.  Not sure they are the healthiest but I’ll take it.  Things that have been off limits, some vegetables, anything sweet, and eggs.

In other news, this past week we had our first scary moment that resulted in a trip to the ER.  After a great night out with friends to dinner, I found myself unable to void my bladder.  I tried multiple times over the course of 30 minutes, but the more time that passed, the more pain I felt.  I finally decided that a trip to the ER was in order.  Imagine having drank 4 large glasses of water at dinner and then being unable to go.  I think thus far in my life this was the worst pain I have ever felt.  The nurses at the Emergency Room took pity on me and rushed me back.  After putting a catheter in and relieving the pain, they let me know that I had severely over distended my bladder.  Afterwards the Dr. was kind enough to do an ultrasound and the babe was moving all around, looking happy…Alex thinks the babe was so happy that my bladder was no longer impeding on its home!  With the Dr. stumped, I went home with  a cath and directions to call my Dr. the next day.  So New Year’s Eve morn we spent our day at Abbott with my OB, who just happened to be on call.  Also stumped, my rules to follow upon being released were to drink less water and go more often.  Apparently with a big ol’ uterus atop your bladder, the bladder can only grow so big.  So my over distended bladder freaked and was unable to do its job due to the amount of fluid in there.  Let me just say, lesson learned.  Not only was this painful but it was comical as well.  In fact my mom chuckled, wondering what other odd things were going to go wrong.  Leave it to me. 

How am I changing?

I’m definitely noticing a little bit more bump these days which doesn’t surprise me at all given that I’m pretty short and my torso is bordering short as well.  I’ve worn my maternity jeans a couple of days and I’m in love.  I think every pair of pants should have an elastic waist!  I’ve also noticed I’m more cold than normal, maybe due to increased blood flow to the baby?  My nails are definitely stronger and growing longer and my hair, oh my, can I keep my hair after the baby comes?  I know I can’t, but it’s so soft and definitely a little fuller.  I love it! 

Little Tidbits:
Weight gain:  Holding steady at 2 pounds
Ornaments bought:  4
Baby gifts received:  A few of the gifts: some bibs, some ornaments, and a teddy bear.  Baby’s spoiled already!
Nursery Schemes dreamt:  2 and pretty certain they are to stay
Bags packed:  0 and vacation commences in T-2 days!

Past Updates: 

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  1. Oh Andrea! I am SO EXCITED for you! I just happened to stop by your blog and had no idea that I would find out this WONDERFUL news!

    Looks like Baby B & Baby T may be friends one day! I'm 15 wks pregnant! Can't wait to see you in person!

  2. Thanks Caryn! So excited for you and Kempton as well:)