Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby B–14 Weeks

This week baby spent half the week in beautiful sunshine and 80 degree weather and the other half back at home, in the teens. Welcome to our life little one! You will soon learn the beauty of four seasons and why your parents love to travel in the winter to warm locations:) We can’t wait until next year when you are here.

This past week Alex and I enjoyed our last few days in Florida. The weather warmed up and it felt amazing to take in the sunshine. I spent my days between 3 lounge chairs at the pool, rotating from sun to shade, while lathering on my 55 sunscreen. I think this might be the first time laying out did not create an amazing tan! Other than enjoying the sun, we ate amazing food and shopped around a bit.  Best deal of the vacation: my mom was here and we hit up a maternity consignment shop. I found a pair of Citizens for Humanity maternity jeans (aka retailing $180) for $16.99.  I obviously scooped them up! Plus we found a few cute things for the babe!

This week I started my research on pediatricians and hospitals for delivery. Who knew those decisions needed to be thought about already…While I’ll share some of our views on things here, I do hope that everyone will be supportive knowing we have researched it, prayed over it, and come to our own conclusions. I feel childbirth, parenting, and pregnancy are all highly personal areas of life and everyone should make their decisions based on what works best for them and their family. People making their opinion as law really makes me sad. That being said, we’ve been open and honest and will continue to be!

How big is baby?

He/she is the length of a lemon this week and growing every day. I cannot wait until our 16 week appt. to hear that little heart beating away…an amazing sound! Inside he/she is moving, hiccupping, yawning, and wiggling. So exciting.

How am I feeling?

I’ve been feeling great. I can tell I have officially switched from first to second trimesters. In the first all I wanted was junk food; I never eat fast food and I probably ate more in my first tri than I had the whole year combined. So glad that is over. The second tri ushered in a need for greens, something that made me gag before, and fruit. Our dinners have definitely been well planned and are healthier to boot. Next week I hope to rejoin the YMCA and I’m really looking forward to swimming and walking. If things feel good I may even venture out and try my favorite classes again. The fatigue is slowly leaving and I’ve found myself able to keep my eyes open and need less rest during the day which has been really helpful.

How am I changing?

Well I’m still pretty certain I have a bump. What I realized the other night was if I suck in my upper abs the little bump is far more defined. It’s actually pretty cute knowing someone’s kicking away in there!  Also many of the aches and soreness of the first trimester have faded. One new symptom: itchiness. My stomach is so itchy from my skin stretching. Body butter is my friend…thank you Palmers! I know that’s really common so it feels good to know things are right on track.

Little Tidbits:

Flights flown: 1
Pat downs received: 1 (we requested them in lieu of the body scanners)
Maternity purchases made:  6 (work bottoms, dress, and a couple of shirts)
Hospitals considered: 2
Books read on vacation: 3 (one of the most intriguing: “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” by Amy Chua) 
Weight Gained: 1 pound, for a total of 3

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