Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby B–9 Weeks

Whew…it’s been a whirlwind week.  So much so, I don’t have a picture of me…but I have one of the baby!  But that being said, week 9 ushered in change!  We moved into our house, all three of us, and so far we’re settling in quite nicely.  Week 9 was filled with packing and unpacking boxes, spending time with my mama who came to visit, and doing a little Christmas shopping.  All the chaos and company made the week fly by!  And through all of this, the SCH gave us a little scare, hence the follow-up ultrasound this week, which showed a very happy baby growing right on track.  Easing mama’s heart already!

How big is baby?

Baby B this week has grown to the size of an olive or grape!  The baby has been busy growing~spinal cord is evident, arm and leg buds form, and now our little one looks like a baby! Can hardly believe that in just 7 short months we’ll hopefully have a baby in our arms…we’re finding like most parents, the growth that’s taken place already pretty fascinating.  God’s doing an amazing work inside!

How am I feeling?
I’m feeling fantastic!  While my mom was here, I kept worrying at my lack of pregnancy symptoms but she gently reminded me that I was just following in her footsteps.  So far, no morning sickness or nausea, and other than being extremely tired, I’m feeling really good.  I’m still trying to take it easy and rest and am looking forward to the SCH going away so I can be active again.  I’m hoping it disappears with the first trimester!

How am I changing?
I can say that this week I’m still noticing a little bit of a belly.  We were looking back at my belly 2 weeks ago and laughing over how my abs may already be gone!  Hoping to get them back postpartum and if I’m anything like my sister, I’m thinking there is a very goo probability I will…let’s hope!  While mama was here we picked up a few pairs of maternity jeans from the Gap.  Hoping I don’t have to wear them too soon but I’ll never know!

Fun little facts:

Boxes unpacked:  Too many to count
Ultrasounds to date:  3
Trees decorated:  1
Heartbeat heard:  167 bpm

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