Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby B–16 Weeks

(please excuse my outfit & duck footed stance)

This week started off with a bang! My mom came over for a visit and to celebrate Alex’s birthday. We celebrated with dinner out and a little shopping of course:) It was a great help having 2 extra hands around when preparing for the party; we invited our friends over for the play-offs in celebration of Alex. From rolling pepperoni rolls to helping me shop, our effort was not in vain…food was gobbled up!

During the festivities, mom headed home and Alex and I started out the week anticipating excitement of our own. This was the week we headed back in to the Dr. for our 16 week check. Everything went great; I’m measuring right where I am supposed to, she’s not worried at all about my slow weight gain, and the babe…well it’s little heartbeat was beating away, this time around 155. This is normal for the heart rate to slow a bit; started at 150, rose to 167, lowered to 164, and now down to 155. That heartbeat is not making the old wives’ tale easier to figure out! Could be a girl or a boy and we can’t wait until 17 more days pass and we find out the gender! Don’t worry, we’re not going to keep it a secret!

We also chatted pediatricians. Alex and I are pretty certain we do not want a mega practice. I’ll be home with the babe so extended hours, etc. are not a huge concern. Funny thing about this conversation with our amazing OB, of all the small practices, she highly recommended the one where all 3 of my nanny kids went. We’re pretty sure that’s where we are headed and I couldn’t be more happy; not only am I familiar with the doctors and the practice, but it’s not too far away!

Other highlights this week: we endured our first round of couch shopping, not for the faint of heart, installed a humidifier on our furnace, put up a second blind in our bedroom, and brainstormed our future home layout. Quite the week!

How big is baby?

This week baby is as long as an avocado! Makes me want guacamole:) My favorite baby book states that baby is “about 2.8 ounces and 4 1/2 inches from crown to rump.” It also says the babe is just busy playing around in there and his/her bones are starting to harden. Crazy to think the babe could fit in the palm of our hands!

How am I feeling?

All week I’ve been feeling great; that is until yesterday. I came down with quite the cold and I am employing all my mother’s old tricks; hot water with honey and lemon, using my NeilMed sinus bottle, making chicken soup, and resting. I miss the ability to pop dayquil and nyquil like it’s my job but I’m hoping this little bug will just pass us by as quick as it came on.

Other than the sickness, I feel like my old self. If I didn’t have a bump, I would be surprised I am expecting. In fact yesterday I joined the Y and told Alex that I really need to slowly start exercising again because I feel like I could just join right into Zumba and BodyPump without wavering. I heard I better take advantage of the second trimester, so I’m hoping to get a lot done around the house before baby arrives!

How am I changing?

There’s definitely more of a clear bump on my belly and I’m sure as the days pass that will only become more evident. My hands are always touching it; my reasoning, if I look like I’m touching my belly maybe people will guess I’m pregnant instead of getting chubby! I’ve also noticed that my hips have definitely spread. I'm sure I’m being naïve, but I really hope they shrink back a bit after baby because I have a whole closet of my favorite jeans that I hope button again. That would be an expensive shopping trip to replace them. Either way, this baby will be worth all the changes even if it means momma goes shopping:) Last change, my face is getting a little fuller. I don’t notice it that much because in high school I weighed up to 18 pounds more than I did pre-pregnancy, but people who didn’t know me then can see the changes!

Also this past week I FELT THE BABY MOVE! I know it’s early but I’ve definitely been feeling something I’ve never before felt and I’m pretty certain it’s the babe. Most amazing feeling:)

Little Tidbits:

Weight gained: 5 pounds
Vacations booked: 1; back to FL in late March to visit my in-law’s
Days until the BIG ultrasound: 17
Couches under debate: 2
On my mind: Registering:) Can’t wait!


  1. So, what's the pediatric practice you're looking at? How do you like the Y? We're going to check out the new pool this afternoon. :) We should get together sometime soon when you're feeling better. So exciting that you felt the baby move!

  2. Pediatric Services in St. Louis Park. Dr. Inman was the kids doctor and we're waiting to see what the gender of the baby is before we make our choice of Dr. Dr. Harrington came highly recommended from my OB. We will need to get together...I just joined the Y yesterday so I haven't been yet:)