Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We will rise {day 13}

One day, we’re going to rise. Jesus is going to come back and there we will be, united with Him. If you’re believing in Jesus you will experience great joy at the feet of the Savior. And the angels will be singing. And thousands of people will be bowing down before Him.

I can hardly fathom a picture in my mind of this glorious day. I can hardly begin to think how amazing this day will be. When we’re with the Lord. Those who have found themselves under His wing, abiding in all He has offered, will be in His glorious presence.

In the Old Testament they had to shield their eyes. We will see Him face to face.

Heaven is giong to be so utterly amazing we can’t even begin to fully grasp it. Small tastes are given here on earth. Music writers have tried to put the bring the experience to life. Writers have tried to discern the words in the Book. But no one really knows.

All we know is how great it will be.

Because when we rise, we will see Jesus. And the angels, oh my, better than any choir here on earth, belting out praise. Worthy, worthy, is the Lamb. Worthy is the Lamb. What a sight. What an experience. And we can be a part.

Sinner me and sinner you are able, by the blood of Jesus, to not only experience it but sit on the throne with Christ. That seems unfathomable. We’re so unworthy and yet that’s what the Gospel does…turns unworthy to worthy through Jesus, Gods’ son. And once we’re abiding, we’re never leaving. The anchor of all anchors is holding us.

Most mornings Pandora plays while we eat our breakfast and drink our coffee. A favorite station of ours is the “Matt Redman” channel. And this morning as the strains of “I Will Rise” began to play I gathered up our girl in my arms and we danced and I sang and she bobbed her little head. And the tears welled up in my eyes for how glorious it will be.

And how much I want her to know.

And for how good God was to allow me to abide in Him.

Because I’m gonna rise and stand among saints, before the Lord of Hosts.


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