Monday, October 14, 2013

walking together {day 12}

There’s something beautiful about girl friends who love you just the way you are. I’ll be honest and let you know it’s taken me a long time to be a good friend. In fact, often I still don’t get it right.

Awhile back a friend wrote on her blog about friendship and though I don’t know her super well her entire post resonated so deeply with me. In fact, I’ve been back to read her brief words more than once.

Friendship between women can be so difficult and sometimes it’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one that has struggled. And yet, even when difficult, female friendship is so beneficial and life giving.

And as I’ve grown up, now in 30’s, I’m realizing little things about myself and about how friendships work and react and grow. I want to continue to invest in my friendships, in myself so I can be a better friend, and most importantly abide in Jesus, so I can be a good friend.


When I first started this blog I wrote this on the about page:

“Come & Abide came out of a desire to dialog our life.

To await, withstand, tolerate, and sojourn along with other women.

come let’s walk this road together.
crossing over the hurdles when they come,
rejoicing together, growing as women.

there’s a kinship here, between women.
will you walk this road with me…”

That’s what I want right now, for myself, and for you, and for those you know. I want us as women to join hands, abide together, as we weather the storms ahead. And the year’s I’ve written here I’ve felt the kinship as I’ve made friends via blogs, connected with old friends, and met new women in person. You have encouraged me and ministered to me and told me how much some of these words have meant to you.

And so I want to continue. Sojourning with you. And I want you to continue to fight through the mess the world wants to make before our feet and I want us, as women, to push through, grabbing the hands of those around us, helping one another through life.

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  1. thanks for being in my mess and helping me abide. love you