Wednesday, October 9, 2013

in & with us {day 8}

Before our daughter goes to sleep each night we sing songs. And one song that we always sing is “God is so good.” But lately I’ve been changing the words to illustrate better the character of God. For He’s not just good, He’s always good. No evil resides in Him.

Instead of “God is so good” we’ve began singing “God’s always good.” And along those same lines I’ve added verses and one of my favorites is “God’s always near.”

God’s always near, God’s always near, there’s no reason to fear, for our God’s always near.

More than anything, I want our daughter to know who Gods is. We can’t in and of ourselves save her, that’s a work of God, but we can point her to Him. And just as we point her to WHO God is, we also want her to know what that means for her if He works in her salvation.

Right now I’m studying Leviticus with other women at our church. God, at that point in history, met His people in a cloud, and within the tabernacle, in the Holy of Holies, only for the High Priests to experience. But God, being rich in mercy and having a beautiful plan of salvation in place, has met us.

When He turns our hearts toward Him and we trust Him with all that we are, His helper, the Spirit, comes to live in us.

God abiding with us.

God in us.

We have no reason to fear. For He’s met us and is with us and is closer than anything in this world.

What a beautiful thing.

God abiding in us.

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  1. Amen! I sing that song to Micah too, but I hadn't heard that verse. I will add it in!