Thursday, October 24, 2013

He never let's go {day 18}

When you abide under the wings of Jesus, you're never going to fall.

He's never going to let you go.

I'm not sure how deeply that last phrase meets you but today it's all I need to know. The fact that He's never going to lose His grip is the most loving thing I can imagine.

We are fallen people often with our own agendas wanting to do things are own way. Jesus paved the way but He asked us to walk forth on the narrow path and I'm here to tell you walking that path is hard.

If you were to look at my life you would notice a woman with a path that is so curvy. Walking straight has its days but so does paving my own way to the left or the right.

And yet no matter how far I get from the path I'm still with Him. Though He may not have reigned me in and placed me back on the narrow road, He hasn't let me go.

He lets out the line, keeping it secure about me, letting me know He's still with me, still got me in His hands. In His line of sight.

No matter how far off I go or how lost I get, He doesn't leave me to fend for myself. As someone who tends to fend for herself, wanting to just do it on my own, it's comforting and yet a little unnerving to know someone is with me helping me along.

But how much it would help me to know and accept that I need help. I need someone to lead me and I need someone to be with me when I'm lost or have traveled to far from the path.

I'm so utterly grateful that He never ever lets us go.

I need that sure strong grip more than anything.

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