Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby B–17 Weeks

Seems like yesterday that I was 4 weeks, having just seen the two pink lines. Crazy to think we are so close to nearing the halfway point…already! This week was ushered in by a cold. A nasty, yucky, cold that lasted 7 days before I waved my white flag and gave in to antibiotics. Best decision I made all week! Turns out my cold turned into a sinus infection. At least I gave it a valiant effort but on the flip side, I’m so thankful that I’m finally starting to feel better.

So needless to say, exciting moments this week were few and far between. Aside from resting as much as possible and working a little, other highlights included getting together with girlfriends and going to the movies with my hubby. Iron Lady was really good in case anyone is looking for a movie suggestion:) She was one tough woman!

How big is baby?

Baby is growing quickly…now as big as a turnip. Other suggestions for size include a baked potato and an onion. Baby made a huge jump in weight from 2.8 ounces to 5! In inches, baby measures around 5 and in a couple of weeks that measurement moves from crown to rump over to crown to foot. Can’t wait for that change! In other news this babe’s little body is getting stronger as its skeleton moves from cartilage to bone. Grow baby grow!

How am I feeling?

Now that I am on medication I’m feeling so much better! Other than being sick, I did make it to the Y twice this week, today included and I’m excited to get back in the pool to swim. Not sure I’m that excited to put my suit on, but swimming will feel wonderful I’m sure. I’ve enjoyed reading this book on Pregnancy and Exercise on my Nook…it was loaned from the library. Post coming on how much I love my Nook this week! I also received a fun gift from my dad and step-mom in the mail. Among some other great things, they sent over a body pillow…I never would have bought it for myself, but let me say, it’s amazing! As a back or stomach sleeper, I’ve been trying to switch to my side and this pillow has made that switch even easier!

How am I changing?

Much of the same this week…although I’m definitely noticing more of a pronounced bump. These past few weeks I could suck in the top part of my stomach and was able to better see the bump. This week sucking in is basically a joke. I can’t. Also my belly button is slowly beginning to flatten. At this point my prior innie is now almost flat and I’ve definitely been feeling some tenderness there. Not sure if it’s because I had pierced it in college and it’s the scar tissue that is sore or if this is normal for pregnancy.

Little Tidbits:

Pounds gained:   Held steady at 5
Maternity pants hemmed:   3…must learn how to do this myself!
Baby things bought:   Diapers! There was a great sale…
Days until BIG ultrasound:   11 :)
Gender thoughts:   I’m thinking girl…but have had friends say boy based on how I am carrying!

*By the way…there’s a poll on the right side of the blog if you want to place your vote on gender…will it be a boy or a girl :) *


  1. You're glowing! :-)

    Did you buy cloth diapers or disposable? That question makes me of my more embarrassing moments. I'm glad we're still friends.

  2. Definitely disposable! As much as I would love to do cloth, Alex vetoed the idea:) Brings back memories:) (like you I secretly love the smell of disposables)

  3. The body is the only that way that I can sleep when pregnant... being a tummy sleeper myself! So officially "4" of us in the bed... Ben, Me, Pillow, and Baby Inside. Ha!

    1. Hilarious:) It definitely takes up some room...