Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baby B - 20 weeks

We’re halfway there!

This past week went by in a blur. So many fun things were happening around here and I will never complain if the weeks go by quickly. Every week gets us closer to meeting our daughter!
Highlights this past week included watching a friend’s son be dedicated followed by a great lunch with friends, small group, buying baby things, homemaking group, and shopping with a good friend. There was a great sale going on over President’s day at USA Baby and Alex and I took advantage and scored a great deal on a glider. It was a little nerve wracking making the final purchase, considering it cannot go back, but in the end I’m really excited about our choice. It is definitely the most comfortable chair I have sat in and combined with it’s traditional looks and great charcoal linen fabric, I know it will look great in the nursery!


How big is baby?

Baby is almost a pound and is as long as a banana…around 10 inches. The measurements now change from ‘crown to rump’ to ‘crown to foot.’ Hard to believe something as long as banana does not quite weigh a pound and yet her little body is functioning just as ours are. Amazing! And this baby girl is not short on movement. Every morning and evening she’s squirming around in there, moving, flipping, and kicking. Feels great to feel her:)

How am I feeling?

Tired. There’s only one word to describe this past week and that is it. First trimester exhaustion has come back. At my 20 week appointment they did some blood work to make sure everything was functioning right, but everything looked very normal and I’m sure I’m just bound to have one symptom tag along. Fatigue it is. Taking every opportunity to just rest. Other than being tired, I’ve been feeling really good. I’m very happy that I made it to the Y 12 times this month and am looking forward to getting there often in March as well!

How am I changing?

I’m definitely showing more. I know I say it every week but this past week I heard it the most from those around me. I love this belly that just keeps getting bigger:) At my 20 week appointment I was measuring right at 20 weeks which eased my mind! The other change I’ve been noticing…my super innie belly button has just now popped enough that when standing it protrudes past my belly. Just a little. My tastes have also been changing once again. That sugar I couldn’t stand the first 19 weeks, well now I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly. In moderation:)

Little Tidbits:

Weight gained:  1 pound, total of 9
Items purchased:  Tons of diapers and wipes…love the coupons!
Excited about:  Fabric samples arriving in the mail and getting started on the nursery!
Days until vacation:  23! Florida here we come:)
Things for this week:  Schedule our birth classes…exciting!

Thanks for everyone’s feedback on newborn sizes…feel so much better! Now for this week’s question, what baby items could you NOT live without?


  1. Ergo baby carrier. That's the one thing I think is worth owning instead of borrowing.

    1. I concur...although I think we're going to go with the Beco Gemini. I like the option of front facing...b/c if that's all baby will do, then we can:)

  2. I haven't seen that one. My kids never knew facing out was an option, so they were always fine w/o it. :)

  3. I agree with Stephanie, about the Ergo. A Moby wrap is Moriah's favorite, but the same idea. Also, I would say a "hooter hider" if you're planning on breastfeeding. (I think you can find some on etsy or craigslist for cheaper than the name brands.)

  4. the itzbeen baby timer (or itzbeen pocket nanny) was our can't-live-without-it-item!!! it has 4 timers so you can see how long it's been since you last fed, changed, etc. it was nice to look in the middle of the night and realize that baby had eaten 3 hours ago even though it felt like we had just gone back to sleep! :) glad you and baby are still doing well!