Monday, February 13, 2012

What Old Wives Would Say

Boy or girl?

Let’s consult the professionals…

Wives Tale                                                    Answer        B/G
Heart rate 140+ girl/under 140 boy?            HR: 155       GIRL
Craving sweet or sour?                                 Sour             BOY
Breakouts or clear skin?                                Clear            BOY
Morning sickness Y/N?                                 None            BOY  

Craving citrus?:                                            1st tri yes    GIRL  
Graceful or clumsy?                                     Clumsy        BOY 

Well it looks like the old wives would predict BOY while most of you think it’s a GIRL! Guess we’ll have to wait a couple more days to see the writing on the wall. Either way, we’re ecstatic and cannot wait to know more about our little one:)

48 hours and counting:) 

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