Monday, February 6, 2012

The Great Couch Debate

We’ve been on a couch hunt for as long as I can remember. Until recently, the quest was moving very slow and leisurely, and now, we mean business. We bought the couch we have now 4 years ago when we flipped our first house. At the time we got a great deal at a furniture store down in Shakopee and I know we didn’t spend more than $400 on it. Needless to say, this couch was not built to last. It is incredibly comfortable but not very supportive and the cushions are getting all wonky.

When we bought our house we knew that one of our first purchases would be to replace our sofa for something well-built, long-lasting, durable, and comfortable. Thus begins the hunt. There are a few things we know we want and then there are things that can be negotiated between the two of us.
After searching through every furniture store in our surrounding area (at least it felt that way) we have brought the search down to 3. That is, until any other contenders get added to the mix.

Here they are:

The Hawthorne

The Carleton

The Avanti

Two of the sofas are from Ethan Allen and one is from Room and Board. We have a budget in mind and have been saving for years, so we just want this to be a wise investment. Right now, one issue we are having is over sofa cushions. At Ethan Allen we can choose the construction of the cushion as we would like it; we’re leaning towards down wrapped foam. At Room and Board the cushion construction is 100% down-blend. All down means finicky cushions that need extra care and we do not want to have crinkly cushions from the front.

So if anyone has a Room and Board sofa…will you give your opinion on the all-down vs. foam/down? Also if you can think of anywhere else to look please let us know! We’ve looked so far at Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Macy’s, Room and Board and Ethan Allen. Are we missing some hidden gem?

Also which is your favorite? We would change the colors of the fabric above but the shape and look would remain the same.

I’m beginning to think the hunt has only just begun…


  1. I love all things R&B - almost all my non "upholstered" furniture is from there. I have a R&B leather chair that has held up amazingly for 10 years as a reading chair in our room - still looks new. I have the upholstered steel bench at the end of our bed - again has held up perfectly after almost 15 years. That is my only experience with their upholstered pieces. We only have and only ever will buy leather couches(just like our cars are only ever leather interiors). We had one fabric couch when we were first married and it was atrocious within 2-3 years of kids, and that was a clean girl! (granted, it was likely cheap and was a hand me down). We love the coolness of leather in summer, how it warms up from body heat in the winter and the cleaning of it. I have gotten Sharpie off our current family room couch. Our living room couch still looks brand new after 16 years, our family room one is 10 years old and starting to show a little wear, but has many many years of life yet. That being said, I know not everyone likes leather. We do, especially for the look and durability and cleaning. Just things to think about. :) I love all three of them above, and hope you get input on the cushions. That is a key piece and thankfully all our cushions are still perfect.

    1. Thanks Sara! Definitely something to think about although I think we're fabric people:)

  2. They're all nice, but I like Avanti the best. Lovely. God speed on your decision, Andrea. We just worked through this same process with regard to a sectional for our family room. :)