Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Review of my Nook

I *love* my nook. There I said it. Last year when I received it for my birthday I would never have uttered that phrase. It was an impulse addition to my birthday list and when I received it, the initial excitement was there. But then it just seemed like too much work with little pay off and before I knew it I was back to the library picking up my favorites in hard copy.

It collected dust. For a year.

And then we went on vacation. Normally when we travel I either load up my bag with the longest books I can find or I end up scrounging book stores upon arrival for the cheapest books I can find. Then when the trip is over I just leave them and do not feel horrible. But this time I was determined to bring my Nook and I left all my books at home.

It was fantastic! Initially I was given the Nook color; after thinking about it for a few weeks, I returned it for the original. Reasoning: I’m on my computer a lot and I didn’t want to have glare issues or feel like I was behind a screen 24/7 when I was reading for fun. One other feature, that is now available on the kindle as well, was the ability to check out library books. Looking back I should have gone with the kindle; only reasoning, my parents both have one and I would have had access to all the books they purchase:)

Things I love:

-I can check out up to 12 books at a time from the library and the selection is vast—you get the books for up to 21 days.

-While lying in bed and lying at the pool I don’t have to worry about how to hold the book. I can hold the nook and turn the pages all with one hand.

-Books are relatively inexpensive; usually under $10

-Perfect for traveling…so long heavy books! It’s slim, small, and only requires a power cord.

-Multiple books are loaded so you can switch between them if you get bored with the one you are reading.

Things I don’t:

-To be honest, I really can’t think of any cons. 

So back to our vacation. Upon arrival I loaded my nook with books from our local library via the internet. This provided hours of reading pleasure by the pool, where I could read clearly with my sunglasses on, and never once did I have the awkward moment of trying to figure out how to hold the book and turn the pages. Instead I could drink out of my water bottle, hold a book, and turn the page all at the same time.

Ever since we’ve been back, I’ve been hooked. I’ve found so many gems on the library website that I now have over 8 books checked out with a few more on request.  I never thought I’d use it as much as I have in the past month, but I can’t put it down. It’s especially great right now in pregnancy when I’m laying in bed and don’t want to be on my back. The one hand feature really shines then!

So there. I love my nook. If you are at all interested you should check e-readers out…especially since the prices have dropped dramatically:)


  1. Another Nook lover! I fought getting one, since I am such a book lover. My dad loves books even more than I do and broke down first and recommended it. I agree with everything you said. I like all the free books they give as well, in weeding through them (some are not worth the time), I have found some fabulous authors! My dad and I each purchased a second Nook (just the cheap one, we both have the color for our main one) to read each others libraries from. I also LOVE the smaller, lighter weight, black and white one!