Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby B–18 Weeks

Oh my, what a week! Best part about week 18; feeling this little one wiggle around:) On day 1 of week 18 I could definitely feel the baby movin’ and groovin’ inside and while watching TV that night, the moving turned to kicking. It was hard enough I could feel it from the outside and lucky daddy was able to feel it too! Believe me, daddy couldn’t be more happy.

This week’s picture was a little harder to come by since my trusty photographer is out of town. I’ve never had issues with the self timer but for some reason today everything was coming out blurry. So there’s not a picture of my head. It is what it is:(

While it has been a slow week, I’ve really enjoyed the company of this little one as Alex headed out west with some friends for the annual guys trip. We’ve missed him a bunch and are very excited for him to come home soon! I definitely tend towards introvert so every year I’m excited to have some time to myself. Hardest part: being vocal! I know the baby is beginning to hear things and if I’m not with others I tend to be pretty mute. So I’ve really been trying to talk aloud much more this week instead of just letting thoughts roll inside. But it’s so, so hard:)

I’ve also been really good about getting in some exercise. I’ve been to the Y 3 times this week to walk on the treadmill and just purchased a new bathing suit so I can get in the pool this next week. Let me just say, finding a one piece suit I feel comfortable swimming in while pregnant was not an easy or enjoyable task. But I did it:)

How big is baby?

Baby this week is as long as a bell pepper, approximately 5 1/2 inches from head to rump, and is weighing in at 7 ounces. Baby is flexing his/her arms and legs which I can definitely feel and his/her ears are in their permanent position. Also baby can now hear our voices! More to come on how I feel about this, but that’s a post in itself.

How am I feeling?

Feeling great although I’ve definitely felt some of the tiredness return. I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier in hopes to get more quality rest. Being active this week and last has been great, although I’m still unsure how active to be considering I have been needing my inhaler if I walk too fast for too long. So unsure how I feel about having to use it so often. Hopefully swimming will negate the need for it. We’ll see this week!

How am I changing?

This week I’ve definitely noticed some things that may only be relevant to body types like mine at this point. Not only am I short (5’3”) but I’m also short-waisted. What does this mean: I’ve already been feeling like my uterus is impinging on my other organs. A lesson I’ve learned: I need to change my eating habits from eating 3 times a day to multiple times a day. This has been slightly difficult because I’m not always hungry when I should be snacking. So fruit, veggies and yogurt have become my friends for all the in-between times I know I need to get something in. Didn’t think this change would happen this soon!

Little Tidbits:

Weight gained: 1 pound this week for a total of 6
Registries created: 2
Days until the BIG ultrasound: 4!
Plans for Valentine’s Day: 0
House Update: Our RUG arrived…now for Alex to get home and lay it out!

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