Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baby B -19 Weeks

Week 19 update means one thing; we’ve hit the mid-point of pregnancy. (Remember, I write these on the back end, so today I turn 20 weeks!) Best part of week 19 was right in the middle. Level 2 anatomy scan and seeing the pictures of our little one unfold in front of us. What met us on the screen was one happy little GIRL. I’m still over the moon knowing this little one is a girl!

2012-02-15_004(ultrasound pics of baby girl at 12 weeks (left) and 9 weeks (right))

Our friend Gina did an amazing photo shoot following the ultrasound and I wouldn’t change that for anything. We know what she captured is incredibly special and we are really grateful for her! It was so much fun to open our eyes and see pink. I’m pretty sure we both had a hunch it was a girl but now that it’s official, it’s fantastic! With just one little niece on my side, my family was over the moon.  In fact the first day we were talking with our little one and one of us said: “Silly little girl…” which caused us both to burst into laughter. We happen to love Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and ever since we saw it, one line stuck with us. Here’s the clip; start at 2:50:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory–Wonka’s Welcome

Other fun things this week, daddy came home from his trip and we were so excited to see him. It’s so much better having Alex home instead of gone; we missed him! And I definitely started shopping for this little one…first purchase, a little pink snowsuit for this next winter. It’s so cute!

Regarding clothing, I need some opinions from the momma’s…I do not expect to have a baby under 7 pounds…should I even buy things in size newborn? Diapers in size newborn or size 1? Hmm. On to the good stuff…

How big is baby?

This week we learned that baby girl is spanning my abdomen. Head on the right, legs on the left, facing up at me and stretched out completely. My source says that she is as big as a mango, about 8 1/2 ounces and 6 inches, head to bottom. She can hear our voice, her arms and legs are now in proportion with her body, and the waxy coating called vernix is starting to cover her body.  She’s definitely found her rhythm and I can now see small movements on my belly as she punches her arms and kicks her legs. This is what she looked like by ultrasound:

and in 3d (stubbornly hiding her face):

How am I feeling?

This week I felt great. Not only was it so nice to have Alex back home but while he was gone I got into a great groove at the gym. Yesterday I spent my first day in the pool and it felt fantastic. Hoping baby girl ends up loving the water as much as her parent’s do! Finding out it was a girl ushered in its own emotions; will she like me, I hope she doesn’t make all the same mistakes, now I have to tell her about the birds and the bees. These were some of the thoughts that overtook my brain and then I remembered, one day at a time for today’s trouble is enough and He is going before me and will equip me with all I need. Helpful to remember we’re not alone!

How am I changing?

I’m pretty sure this was the week I popped. Nothing but maternity bottoms fit at this point and I’ve definitely heard my first few comments from strangers on the bump. I love it! Also I’m up 2 pounds this week so I’m sure baby girl just went through a growth spurt:) Yay for a growing girl!

Little Tidbits:
Girl things bought:   2
Nursery planned:   Yes! Now to start buying:)
Names under consideration:   At least 10…yikes! We’re stumped.
Cravings:   Fruit. Cannot wait for watermelon to be in season
Weight gained:  2 pounds this week for a total of 8


  1. So, my opinion is don't buy any clothes. You'll get stuff from people who just can't help themselves from buying those adorable little girl outfits. Also, people will give you stuff that their girls have outgrown. And you can borrow things - we have a HUGE stash of baby girl clothes in all sizes and seasons sitting in our garage just waiting for someone to wear them. And then you can fill in the gaps as needed. :) We're so excited for you three!

  2. oh, and as for diapers.... A few NB is probably good. You'll get some at the hospital that should last you a few days at least, and then if you think you need more NB, you can order them from Amazon to have them shipped right to your door. :)

  3. LOVE this idea & the pictures you linked. You have a very talented photographer/friend :) Congrats on a little GIRL! HOW exciting!

    I agree with Stephanie for the most part. Other people will give you a lot of clothes. Though, you may want to buy a few packets of plain white onesies in various sizes including newborn. Pax was 2 weeks early and only 6lbs 2 oz (5lbs 9oz when he came home from the hospital). So we were actually in preemie stuff for a little while. We stayed in NB forever. BUT, that said, don't buy a lot b/c you never know how big your little bundle of joy will be!

    We love Pampers swaddlers btw... absolutely the best we tried. Huggies leaked for us.

    Oh I could go on & on, but I"ll stop now. Feel free to email if you want other random advice! ;)

    1. I *LOVE* advice:) I'm going to need it. Although I nannied for 8 years, I've never given birth or taken home a newborn. All those things will be new:) Good advice on onesies and diapers. Although I have a bazillion coupons for huggies, everyone I know LOVES pampers:)

  4. Congrats on your little GIRL!! So exciting. :) And while this one will be my first as well, I've heard the same thing about clothes - don't really buy anything, and definitely not newborn clothes.

    1. Thanks Liz! Congrats on YOUR little girl too:) Definitely holding out on the clothing front after everyone helpful comments!

  5. SO excited for ya'll, and can't wait to see pictures of that baby girl when she's here! God is so good!

    As far as diapers go, we can't afford the nice ones, and we have tried them all as people gave them to us at showers, and we love the Target brand. They seem to be very comfortable, and true to size. And affordable!

    And you never know how big your baby will be....I thought I would have small babies, but Cassie was 8'7', and is now 17 pounds and 25 and a half inches and isn't even 5 months old yet! She is in 9 month and 12 month things now, so you just never know. :)

  6. Pampers are great for NB, otherwise Target brand are the cheapest (even after coupons, Huggies are more expensive than Target). The thing to remember about diapers is that they are cheaper in the smaller sizes. So stay in the smaller size as long as possible before switching. If you get leaks at night, switch to a larger size at nighttime until daytime leaks get to be an issue.

    I agree with all the advice about clothing, although it's hard to resist!

  7. Have you considered cloth diapers? Cheapest, greenest and most comfortable option.