Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby B - 29 weeks

I can hardly believe we have 10 weeks left…yikes:)

This week has been great in terms of getting more things checked off the before baby list. I spent all week it felt like running errands; returning this or that, scouting stores for lamps and tables, and getting signed up for various things.
DSC_1413Highlights included a free cloth diapering intro class at Amma Parenting. Super informative…and yet we’re still on the fence. I love the idea of it and the fact that they are softer. Seriously, I would not want diaper material on my tush 24 hours a day. The times I MUST have that type of material down there, I cringe. But on the other hand, disposables are just so much more convenient. Can’t dispute that. So I’m still up in the air. This week I also signed up for my first sewing class since the 7th grade for mid-May and I’m super excited! Last but not least we picked up our crib and I participated in my first focus group through Fieldwork Minneapolis.  $75 in one hour to talk about why I would or would not watch a certain new show…not bad!

This week has been great emotionally and physically. I’ve been able to get my walks in, yesterday I spent some time weeding our front beds, and as far as our home goes, things are coming together. My father-in-law finished up the paint in the nursery over the weekend. As soon as it was dry we assembled the crib:)

How big is baby?
Baby’s doing great! She’s getting bigger and I’m still measuring about a week ahead. I can feel her moving her entire body around now and am not feeling as many kicks. The reason? She likes to stay positioned with her back and butt pushing out on my right side; so she’s kicking inward these days which makes me have to run to the bathroom far more frequently. This week she weighs as much as a squash…around 2 1/2 pounds and stretching out she’s around 15 inches. I’m so curious to know how tall they will project she will be. My dad was 6’2” and my mom 5’5” but I took after my grandmother and only rose to 5’3” while my siblings match my parents. Her head is getting bigger, she’s gaining more fat, and her brain is rapidly developing.

How am I feeling?

Still pretty good. I so don’t take my lack of symptoms for granted and am really thankful I’ve felt so good for the past 29 weeks. One new symptom that’s popped up is severe back pain. It’s in my upper back between my shoulder blades and despite every stretch in the book, I cannot relieve the pain. Heat helps a little as does a back rub but curious has anyone else experienced this and have a solution? Chiropractor? Masseuse? Emotionally with so many things crossed of the list, this week has been remarkably better. No more fretting now that I’m home and can get some things done!

How am I changing?

Well the belly is still growing! I’ve also noticed my feet swell a bit if I’ve been on them for awhile and my rings are getting quite snug. That being said not too many changes to report this week. So far so good!

Little Tidbits:

Days until baby shower #2: Only 5…can’t wait!
Things still needed for nursery: 5 (nightstand, lamp, curtains, rug, mattress)
JBF sales coming up: Two…also very excited for garage sale season…must stock up on some clothes for this sweet kiddo!
Weight gained: up 1 pound, total 20 according to my appointment this week
Days until last ultrasound: (hopefully!) 21 days


  1. I think going to a chiropractor is essential during pregnancy! So helpful. With Arianna I got massages all the time, too, since it was covered by our insurance that year. With Isabella massage wasn't covered, but I still went twice, I think. It was really good and helped me to make it through the last few weeks. :) I can give you the name of my chiropractor, if you're interested.

  2. If you want to try cloth diapers without committing, you can borrow mine for a bit after she is born. We are not currently using the newborn sizes. :)