Friday, April 27, 2012

Don’t Ignore…The Possibility

It could be you because it was me. Or it might not be you but another. We are living amongst each other. Our faces look similarly but our circumstances are different. That woman on the bench, I wonder what she’s going through. That man at work, is there pain within? A friend, co-worker, fellow believer in the pew at church, stranger on the bus, sister, brother.

Out of every 8 people there will be one.
Fighting, hurting, wondering, longing. Ultimately waiting.

Infertility is still a part of our lives. Though life beckons from within my womb, it’s still a part of us. We have not changed. Our circumstances have not changed. Whether our daughter is born with the breath of life in her lungs in 10 weeks or not, we still will never know if there will be another. We were and may always be affected by infertility. And those other couples around us, facing the same realities, cannot be ignored.

Infertility is a disease. It affects over 7.3 million people in the United States. Only 3% of those 7.3 million will need to utilize IVF to achieve pregnancy. Did you know that an average woman of childbearing years only has a 20% chance each month of achieving pregnancy. For some of us, we need help to get to that 20% chance. Our bodies are broken, malfunctioning. 

This week is National Infertility Awareness week through an organization that is full of resources for those walking this road, called Resolve. Our story was brief in comparison to others. We’ve met so many who are waiting, asking, hoping. And they need all of us. We needed all of you; bolstering beside us. Hoping with us. Trying to understand.

We can’t ignore the possibility that it could happen. That it’s happening around us. That it could be you or me. We can’t ignore the possibility that the couple affected is being wise in their decision making. We can’t ignore the possibility that it hurts or that the waiting isn’t easy. We just can’t. We can’t because if we do, we’re ignoring friends, brothers, sisters, family, co-workers that need us. That need to hear that they are not alone.

Don’t ignore the possibility that it can and is happening around you.

I can remember the reactions we received after pursuing everything under the sun it seemed. Grappling with the idea that IVF might be a reality we asked people close to us to pray. That we would be wise. That our decision making would be in line with the Sovereign creator we believe in. And we were met with accusations and questions.

Don’t ignore the possibility that you might not know all the facts.
I can also remember those who reached out. Didn’t understand but tried. Tried to think of what it would be like if their daughter or son were not here. Tried to help us remember the big picture. Because this is just a part of us. It does not define us. You strengthened us. You cared for our hearts.

Don’t ignore the possibility that you might be a ray of hope to us.

We’re in this together, you and me. To help one another through hard times. To be hands and feet, to care and hope. Without each other the world would be a miserable place. You are here for me and I for you. Let us help one another. Because it may not be infertility for you. It may be death or disease, a loss of a job or the closing of a chapter of life. It’s life. We’re living life alongside one another and we need each other.

Don’t ignore the possibility that we can help one another.

Because we can.
Shoulder to shoulder.
You and me.
We’re not so different.

Let’s move forward in expectation.

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  1. Beautiful my friend. Thank you for being there for us and I pray we can continue to be there for you and your family as well:)