Thursday, April 12, 2012

Giveaway winners!

I feel that for a first timer in the blog giveaway realm things have gone pretty well.  Though the field was relatively small, just 7 entries, everyone had a great chance of winning…which to me was exciting! 

Without further adieu the winners according to were:


Congratulations ladies…I hope you enjoy your treats at Starbucks and reading your little guys this super cute book!

(please contact me with your addresses…thanks)

We’re also celebrating today at our house…it’s my last day at my part time job and you know what else that means…

It’s my first day as a stay at home mommy!

Everyone has their own things they love. Some women really love their jobs and want to stay, others feel the pull to stay home, some have to work and other don’t. All of these decisions are personal and should be made between you and your spouse. But for me…this is all I’ve ever wanted to do…be at home, serving my husband and my family, and ultimately the Lord. So as you can imagine, I’m beyond excited for what’s to come!

Enjoy your Thursday…looks like it will be a beautiful day!

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  1. I'm ecstatic for you! CONGRATS! (now on the REAL day) LOL! ;-) And yay, we love new books around here. thanks!