Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

*A big thank you to all the veterans, men and women in service, and all who have fought, served, and died to bring us freedom. Especially my Grandpa.*

I love Memorial Day weekend.  It’s the unofficial start of summer, at least for my family.  There are years of memories, spending this weekend with my family up at our cottage on the lake.  This year many of them are there, but Alex and I stayed back.  We *wish* we were there!

Weekends like this bring up the two things I miss about not living in a house:  the ability to grill and to have lots of people over to eat, drink, and play games.  Although we are not with my family, we are lucky enough to have the hubbies parents joining us for a yummy lunch complete with cards and fun!

Here’s our menu this year (recipes to come):

                        Have a safe, fun and very enjoyable Memorial Day!

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