Saturday, May 21, 2011

spring cleaning: your closets

scc copyThe hubby and I have always shared a closet.  From the time we got married until now, there’s been one closet for the two of us.  And it’s worked and I can honestly say, it’s never been an issue.

If you are just checking out C&A, this is part of a series of spring cleaning areas of our lives. This is the second post following de-cluttering your purse!
25639284_iT6gJGT5_b                                               (this is not our closet)

There are ways to organize a closet and make even the smallest closet work for two.  Our best decision ever was to make a clothing switch by season.  It’s work but I think it’s best even if you don’t share a closet.  Here’s my reasoning:

1.  Bi-yearly everything in your closet gets to be seen with new eyes.

I love this.  It makes me go through our clothing.  And it makes purging so much easier.  Every fall and every spring I go through everything, every drawer, every hanger.  The whole bit. Bags of clothing are earmarked for Goodwill or the Consignment store. 

2.  We cannot hoard.

By going through everything at least once a year, we keep hoarding at bay.  Right now we have 3 Rubbermaid bins.  2 for clothing and 1 for shoes.  We store them in our closet since we’re in an apt. This means that every time we go through things, we cannot keep any more than can fit in those 3 bins.  Either it’s in the closet, in our dresser, or in a bin.  It’s perfect.  I like simplicity, less-clutter, and I love not hoarding things we will never use or wear.  We cannot buy more than we can store.

3.  It’s fun.

Switching out the closets is something I will always do even if by chance we end up with more space.  I love it.  It is mood brightening.  In the spring it’s fun to pull out spring hued clothing, shorts, and flip-flops in anticipation of sunny days.  In the fall I long to bring out the cozy sweaters, corduroy pants, and fall hues.  They speak of cozy nights by the fire and trips to the orchard.

I wish I could get everyone to do this.  It’s so worth it.  Even if you don’t have a lot of stuff. 

How do you usher in the seasons when it comes to your clothes closet?  Do you make a switch with the seasons or is it just too much work?


  1. I was about to be JEALOUS when I saw that picture and thought it was your closet! I LOVE switching our clothes over with the season and organizing our closets! (Ps - the past few days I have been drafting up a blog post about this exact same thing! Silly!!)

    I am loving your spring cleaning series!!!

  2. I *love* a good closet switch! Can't wait to read your post and I'm jealous of that closet too:)