Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring cleaning: your purse

Since I’m so excited spring is here I figured it’s right time to have a new series.  In the next few weeks I’m spotlighting some spring cleaning ideas.  Purses, closets, finances, clothing, and most of all life.  We get a little cluttered through winter, hibernating amongst our things.  So I’m thinking we can all help each other find new ways to de-clutter, re-evaluate, and re-organize some of the things we surround ourselves with.

My purse is seriously an issue.  It goes with me everywhere.  I have a few favorites and they all get used.  And stuffed to the brim with lip gloss, old receipts, papers, kleenex, and other random things.  Most often when they need to be switched I look the other way and stuff the unwanted one in the closet until the next time I’m ready for that bag to reappear. 

Problem.  They go back to their home still stuffed full.  Because who has the time to sort through at the point of the purse switch.  Maybe you do.  I’m not that organized…YET!

But last month I tried to change all that.  I plopped down on our couch, did a little googling, thought through my needs, and did a little de-cluttering.  Every purse was pulled down.  The papers and junk we tossed in the trash, all gone through first I might add.  Old purses that haven’t seen the light of day for years were donated.  But once this was all done, I was still faced with an issue. 

The wallet issue.  I wanted something that would hold all the cards (credit, gift, savings, etc.), my checkbook, receipts, cash and change, and my cell phone in a pinch when I just need my wallet.  I also didn’t want it to be bursting at the seams.  I looked high and low, perused, tried, and then found the one.  It was spendy, not gonna lie.  But I think I’ll have it forever.  (ps…I’ve seen wallets like this one half off at TJ Maxx or knock-offs at other stores)

Here she is, the HOBO Lauren:

DSC_0598A beautiful neutral.  Because she has to remain classic and timeless.

Opens and closes with a sturdy magnet.  Most used cards and license right at your finger tips. (Costco Amex, Debit Card, and HSA card).  This is also the spot I store receipts from the day to be sorted through at night.

Inside she’s amazing.  One side opens to hold all my other cards.  Store cards, discount cards, and gift cards.  I can also stow my phone here and still close the pouch.  The other side has a zipper pouch perfect for change. I also stow my checkbook and register here along with any cash I have.

Seriously she’s changed my life.  No longer am I looking for 5 different items when transferring purses.  Instead I just move Lauren.  So handy, so mobile, so organized.

My other great trick:  I have a handy little pouch with a mirror inside that I keep my lip gloss and chapstick in.  That way that little pouch gets moved as well.  I might toss a pack of gum in there too.  It’s come in incredibly handy when the hubby needs chapstick. 

Again, streamlining life, one step at a time.

(check out how much one of my favorite bloggers loves her lauren too!)

How do you keep the purse clutter and switch under control?


  1. I always organize my purse when I'm bored in the car, on our way home, and my husband is driving (obviously). I rifle through my wallet and purse and start a garbage pile. When we get home I throw it all out in the garage. Usually the quick organization and cleansing is all it takes to keep my purse manageable. Otherwise, I deep clean it out when I switch my purse at the change of seasons. Loved the post- surprise, surprise, I love organization! I wish I could organize my organization!

  2. That's a great idea! I love learning new ways to do things:)

  3. You are going to love this style of wallet- since I bought mine like it a few years ago I haven't had near the disaster mess of a purse... and you'll be surprised at how quickly you pair down and start to carry only what you need- I end up ONLY carrying my wallet/purse thing around most of the summer. (until baby)- but now it makes it so I don't need a diaper bag and a purse I put our stuff all in one.

    I will also say, every time you switch purses cleaning it out does help with the clutteryness. I also do my cleaning on car trips and sometimes at the breakfast table while I'm talking to Charlie before he leaves for work.

    I LOVE you wallet- so cute! worth the $

  4. I think what I love the most is that I can take it anywhere from a wedding to the gym and it's still going to look great! It's like a clutch and wallet in one:)