Friday, May 20, 2011

In Celebration Of

This past Sunday I felt incredibly honored and celebrated.  7 months ago I left my job as a nanny.  The crazy part is that I had been with that family since my junior year of college.  8 years.

They were there when I graduated from college.  And when I started graduate school.  They helped me discern what to do and celebrated my strengths.  They were there when we found out my step father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and when he passed away.

They said Bon Voyage as I set sail to France for a summer and welcomed me back with open arms when I returned.  They were one of the first people I told when we were engaged and they were they when we got married. 

They have been a part of my life.  Their kids will not forget me and I will not forget them.  They are a part of me.  I’ve held them when they were hurt, wiped away tears, celebrated last days of school and the little accomplishments.  I have potty-trained, been thrown up on, wiped bottoms.  I was not their mother, but while I was there, I was like a mother, but more than that I was a friend, a big sister.

I love this family.  The way they have cared for me and allowed me to love fully their boys.  When I started Riley was just 3 and Liam 1.  They are now 11 and 9.  Colin came around and from the time he was born we formed a special bond.  He’s 6 now.  When I left they gave me a book of pictures, of notes, of memories.  My favorite part…when asked the nicest thing I had done for them, they answered “EVERYTHING”.  That made it all worth it.

On Sunday they celebrated me.  They installed a paver in celebration of me.  I was extremely touched.  For me there are no corporate awards or honors, there were raises but no change in status.  There was just love from a family, who took me in, and allowed me to love in return.  I miss them.


Jerry, Jennifer, Riley, Liam and Colin thank you for being a part of my life. 
I’m grateful for that.


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