Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Add some Canvas

I have an affinity for cute, comfortable, and durable clothing.  I love classic styling with a twist of modern fun.  My favorite stores include Gap, Banana Republic, J. Crew, and for the fun, H&M.  This all changed though when I set my eyes on Canvas by Land’s End.

Land’s End has filled my closet with some great pieces, like fleece and swimwear.  BUT, I have never really turned to Land’s End for my clothing, finding it a little too old-fashioned, matronly, well…you know, old.  But that changed.  They introduced a new line called Canvas that is perfect for our demographic.  They had a great sale over the winter and I grabbed quite a few great pieces.  Best part, they have the BEST customer service and the QUALITY cannot be beat.  That good. 

Best part for those in the Twin Cities; I’ve spotted Canvas at the Inlet in Bloomington.  Also they have fantastic sales, perfect for staple stocking.

So in preparation for summer, here are some of my favorites:

32020299_0B0Z1vdY_bstripes and ruffles, yes please!

32020621_YVIOXhnt_bruffle top, how cute is that?

32021675_D4LYGgdy_bstraight leg jeans…I love to roll the bottoms

32021865_HJYb2nJO_bcute and comfy, perfect for summer

32022210_l3vSyiLN_bhow could I get through summer without this?

32022380_vsJudAT5_bperfect tote for the pool

32024062_IazIGoE4_bI already own these and I basically live in them. 
Right now they are $7.50 or $33 without the bow.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Well, I'll thank you for this post and for opening my world to LECanvas but the husband won't (esp. since I just bought, not one, but two new swimsuits from em ;). Wow they have some cute stuff! Thanks for the post! Love your blog.

    - from a long lost friend :)