Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Your Clothing

Now that we’ve gone through the closet, it’s probably now a good idea to gather some tips as to what stays and what goes.  I’m a thrower or giver.  You might be a saver or hoarder.  We’re all different in that way but we all need some little tips to help us either keep things worth keeping or throwing things worth throwing.  Neither way is completely right so we all need a little help.

Every season when I switch the closet I inevitably begin weeding out things that have seen a better day. Then go the items I haven’t worn in awhile.  The ones that never fit right or have warped in the wash machine.  Every item gets held up, looked over, and sometimes tried on just to make sure.  Multiple piles are made and then donated, sold, or thrown away.  I will also find myself at other times throughout the year going through this whole process again.  Although that’s less likely, because THIS can be time consuming.

Here are some great tips for going through your clothing or any other closet/items that need weeding through:

1.  Designate an area for 3-4 piles:  Give, Consign/Garage sale/Craigslist, Throw and Maybe.

2.  Look the item over (for holes, smells, under arm discoloration, shape, and color).  If anything is not up to your liking put it in the appropriate pile. Most often these end up in give or throw for me.  It’s good to assess the condition the item is in and place accordingly.  REMEMBER: CONDITION

3.  If you are unsure about something, try to come up with an outfit for the piece.  Try it on.  If you don’t feel comfortable or it doesn’t fit right it probably never will.  Let it go.  You must feel comfortable in the item or you will never wear it.  REMEMBER:  COMFORT

4.  Assess the last time you wore the item and how often it gets used.  Obviously your favorite little black dress you wear twice a year is a keeper if you love it and look great in it.  But that cardigan which “cost $2.50 on sale and has never fit right so you have never wore it” must go.  Fit is important and ill-fitting clothing is never a good thing, this includes things that have either shrunk or been misshapen in the washer.  Repeat after me if doesn’t fit right now, it NEVER will!  REMEMBER: FIT

5.  Parting with sentimental items are hard.  If there are a few that have a story, store them in a plastic bin and find a home for the bin.  Go through this box every year or so and see if the memories are still strong.  If so, keep it.  Some people can get ride of their wedding dress, I can’t.  I still LOVE trying it on!  REMEMBER:  SENTIMENT

Those were just some quick tips on sorting through clothing.  Remember CONDITION, COMFORT, FIT, and SENTIMENT are ALL important tips for sorting through clothing.

Happy Sorting!

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