Saturday, March 19, 2011

yellow eggs & coffeecake


Not quite green eggs and ham, but close enough and far better if you ask me.  I just glanced over at my Barefoot page and I’m ashamed.  So many good recipes to go and only 9 more months to go.  I need to get going…in fact I just made a list of recipes I’m must make now before the weather turns.  I’m a seasonal eater.  Just the way my body is.  If it’s warm, I want to grill & eat lighter.  If it’s raining, snowy or gloomy I want stew, roasts, and creamy rich food.  What can I say, I think that’s just the way the Lord made our bodies.

That being said, a few weeks ago while my mother was in town, we crossed 2 off my list.  Sour Cream Coffee Cake and French Country Omelet.              

We ate brunch in and it was super easy and very delicious.  In fact, having my mother around actually helped make this meal turn out correctly.  I am NOT a baker. 

Interesting story.  Last year I had to bring treats to my weekly Bible Study at church.  I made this coffeecake the morning of.  Left plenty of time for it to cool but I forgot to flour the pan.  I just sprayed it with Pam.  Baking Error.  The contents came out in so many chunks.  Needless to say I picked up mini scones at Target.  I was too humiliated.

But this time, my mother took care of the pan.  She’s the baker and you know what, it came out perfectly.  Note to self:  Use butter/crisco and flour to ensure the contents will come out of the pan.

But not to fool you, the eggs were just as good as the coffee cake and much easier in my opinion.  We made the Country French Omelet with bacon, potatoes and eggs.  Filling and absolutely delicious.

You should make them this weekend…they’re that good!

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