Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the weekend we almost bought a house

You read that right.  This past weekend we put in an offer on a house.  5181 Abercrombie Dr. to be exact.  It was love at first mls-spotting. 

We’ve been looking for a house.  The plan was to re-sign our lease for 10 more months.  That was until I laid eyes on 5181.  That was Saturday.  I made Alex do a drive-by on Sunday morning.  That’s right, we stalked the house.  Don’t worry it was a foreclosure that was empty, it was totally legit.  We peeped in the windows, put the missing pieces together with the mls pictures.  We loved what we saw.

Then chaos ensued.  We fell in love with a house we didn’t think we were going to buy for 10 more months.  It wasn’t even in an area we were really looking in. 

One area we liked was full of split levels-not our first choice layout.  Other areas we liked were full of cookie cutter new builds (aka 1980+)-again, something we didn’t love.  Then we found this-a quad level, from the 1950’s.  Perfect.  And then we did the unthinkable.  We AGREED on an area.  The heavens were rejoicing.  Seriously.  NOTE:  The hubby and I for the past 5 years have been unable to agree on an area to live.  I want city, he wants suburbs.  Finally, we agree.

Then we talked and talked some more.  Mainly I talked and the hubby ran the numbers.  That’s right I already had our furniture laid out.  I was ready to give up school, get a part-time job, whatever was necessary. 


Then we stalked the listing agent and set up an appt. to view the house on Monday morning.  Only problem, there were 2 offers already in on this beautiful home.  2 offers on a house that had been on the market for 6 days. 


Walking in, it was love at first step. 

I actually grew up in a quad level house and this one did not disappoint.  It had a huge entryway with a huge closet.  Spacious bedrooms, plenty of charm, and a great layout that we actually again, AGREED on.  And that was just the inside.  The backyard actually butted up to Nine Mile creek, extending the 1/4 acre.  It was too good to be true.

It took us 20 minutes to look at the inside.  Then we made an offer.  We felt like we had the upper hand.  We came in with a cash offer for slightly over asking.  We felt good.  We’d be moving at the end of April.  Don’t worry, if you were wondering we’ve been praying throughout this process for the Lord’s leading and for Him to close the door at any time.  It was kind of sudden.  I mean we do love where we live right now and we’re completely content.

Quick as can be, yesterday to be exact, we got the news.  The Lord closed the door and then we breathed with relief.  They went with another offer.  Now we’re stalking the mls trying to figure out what it sold for.  Must have been much higher than asking.  I mean, the house was too good to be true.  Not gonna lie, someone might have laid on the floor and beat the ground in sadness.  It wasn’t me.  That was short lived.  We’re happy to be home and will not be stalking the mls anytime soon…well at least for 6 more months!

At the end of the day, I’ll miss 5181 Abercrombie Dr.  But I’m happy with what we learned in a mere 48 hours.  We now know which city we’ll look in.  Only one city.  One area specifically, the neighborhood around 5181.  We know the layout we like, the type of house we can agree on, and the number we are comfortable with. 

Not a bad weekend overall…not a bad weekend.

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