Wednesday, March 16, 2011

new ingredient #1 - chia seeds

Remember back when I made my 30 in my 30th list. Well in case you forgot the list can be found here.  As of March 1, the list is getting a little shorter.  Mainly it’s those things left that are hard to quantify.  Am I loving Alex more?  HMM…that’s a hard one.  Am I biting my nails?  Yes, but I’m trying:)  That’s what counts right?

DSC_0120                                        note the little black dots

Well, ingredient #1 we started incorportating a long time ago, say in November?  I’ve just been procrastinating this post I guess!  Chia seeds are like flax seeds and do not taste like anything.  They add a bit of crunch and are a nutritional powerhouse.  The new Omega-3.  Since I am not about to start incorporating those foods high in Omega-3 like sardines & salmon, I figured now that I’m 30 it’s time to start nurturing my body.  So chia seeds seemed like a great option. 

My favorite way to incorporate them…in smoothies and my oatmeal.  Though they would be great in cereal, on salad, and incorporated into rice and other grains.

Kath Eats gives a great description of the benefits of Chia here.  As does Wikipedia.

Happy sprouting!

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