Friday, March 11, 2011

though we don’t always understand

Our God is always in control.

The Bible describes God as:

all knowing…There is nothing that surprises Him                                          

all powerful…And yet just as gentle

creator…He commands the winds and they obey
all loving…He embodies love, there is no evil in Him.

Today’s events in Japan are cause for sadness, cause for reflection, cause to love like He loves.  This should move our hearts and bring us to our knees.  And in this we should worship.  If we are breathing today, it is not because of anything we have done.  And if we are gone today it is not because we are are being punished by an angry, vengeful God.

This article better articulates everything I am thinking & feeling.

Tsunami, Sovereignty and Mercy

    "Return to the LORD your God, for he is gracious and merciful,slow to anger, and abounding 
                                      in steadfast love
; and he relents over disaster.”
                                                                                        Joel 2:13


  1. Totally needed to hear this today (from a non-catastrophic perspective). Thanks Andrea.