Thursday, February 24, 2011

what did i choose ?

Remember when I won my first blog giveaway?

Man is CSN a huge website full of thousands of wonderful things.  Unfortunately I was incredibly overwhelmed.  There were just far too many things to choose from so in typical Andrea fashion I defaulted to something we NEEDED.  Un-fun, not exciting in the least, and incredibly practical.

I chose a new pump for our Aerobed.  We lost the other one and we needed a replacement.  I told you it was incredibly boring and practical.  Maybe if I ever win another one it will be far more exciting.  If it helps, I tried to chose Settlers of Catan but they were all out.  At least that would have been more fun.  Bummer.

But I am happy for the giveaway and for my win and the opportunity to get something new…that’s always fun!

Have you bought anything incredibly boring lately?  Or FUNSmile

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