Wednesday, February 9, 2011

training plan

A couple of weeks ago  I spent some time with my nose in a book, the book Marathon by Jeff Galloway, trying to piece together a training plan for my first marathon in September.  I'm still not sure I can do this, still not sure I want to, but I'm planning it. 

Training started 2 weeks ago.  The 5 day a week kind of training, oh wait, actually it's 6 days a week.  3 days of running and 3 days of cross-training per week.  At least that’s what it is until I keel over and want to die from exhaustion.  That being said, I'm really hoping to stick to it best as I can, though I know that towards the end I will most likely throw in another rest day every has to come in somewhere:)  Here’s an example from the first few weeks:

Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. Sat. Sun.
  Yoga 30-45 run 30 Shred 30-45 run Elliptical off 3
  Yoga 30-45 run 30 Shred 30-45 run Elliptical off 4
  Yoga 30-45 run 30 Shred 30-45 run Elliptical off 4
  Yoga 30-45 run 30 Shred 30-45 run Elliptical off 4
  Yoga 30-45 run 30 Shred 30-45 run Elliptical off 5

In an attempt to stay limber and stretched, yoga will become my friend the day after my long runs (Sunday).  Strength training and abs will happen on Wednesdays, either through 30 day shred or another strength workout.  Friday is an easy cross training day that I will probably either do in the pool, on the elliptical, or on the bike.  Long runs are on Sundays and by the end of July will be up to the high teens.

So who’s training with me?  Here are the events I am thinking about and/or hoping to sign up for…anyone want to join me…I’d love the company at any of the events!
April 9                  Challenge Obesity 5k                      $25
May 14                 Maple Grove 1/2 Relay                   $65/team
May 21                 Autism 5k (?)                                     $25
May 22                 Eden Prairie 10k                               $25
June 18                Kids against Hunger 10k                 $25
July 4                   Red White Boom 1/2 Marathon       $55
Aug 29                 Woodbury Lakes 1/2 Marathon       $35   (walking with friends?)
Sept 19                 Fox Cities Marathon                        
What is your favorite race?  Do you have a favorite distance?

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  1. I will very likely join you in a race or two! It would be fun to do some together! :-) I have to take a look at the upcoming year and I'll let you know...

    You can do it!!