Thursday, January 27, 2011

winner winner

chicken dinner.

I WON my first online giveaway!  YAY!

The other week I entered to win a giveaway on Sophisticated Pie for a $35 gift certificate to CSN stores.  Imagine the look of surprise on my face when a few days later I received an email from Elizabeth herself telling me I had won!

Now, what to choose, there are just way too many choices:)

Happy Thursday!

do you enter online giveaways?  have you ever won?


  1. Sweet! I won a homeschooling book once, from a blog of a lady at church. I love to enter them, but rarely (once!!) win!

  2. congrats, and thanks so much for stopping by well-to-do :) you have such a beautiful blog!

    xoxo suz

  3. congrats again!! Hope you find something lovely you like! :)

  4. that is awesome!!!