Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Inspiration 101.

Note this next week will mark the beginning of a minor transformation at our house.  *note* I said minor.

In the past we have flipped a few houses and in turn we have acquired some great furniture that we bought and also that we inherited from our family.  The chair in the top corner is one of my favorite inheritances.  Not only is it incredibly comfortable but it has some great style as well.  Other than the couch, side/coffee tables and some of our bedroom furniture, everything else we bought to stage our flip house was not our style.  So out with the old and in with the new. 

Ever since I was little I've loved decorating.  As a kid I would beg my mother to my my friends and I poster board.  On this poster board we would trace out a house, fill in the rooms, and then proceed to add the furniture.  It looked a lot like the game "Race to the Roof" if you have ever played it.  I'm not sure what prompted this love, maybe it was that our family toured the Parade of Homes every spring and fall, maybe it was my builder uncle, maybe it was the roommate in college who I lived vicarously through as she worked her way to a degree in Interior Design.  You shouldn't be surprised that one of the first dates my hubby and I went on was to the Luxury Home Tour.  I think I begged, laid forth obvious clues, and almost bought the tickets myself...I wanted to go that bad.  

Then again, it shouldn't surprise you that I married someone in this field, he's a Design/Build Remodeler and that I love working with my husband.  Probably why flipping 2 homes filled me with ecstatic joy, well until it came to selling them.  Good thing the Lord saw fit to bless that.  We've been saving, selling, and purging stuff from our house and now we are ready to restyle it a bit with more of our taste.

But back to the issues at hand.  Our living room has now been purged of two very uncomfortable chairs and the beautiful chair above has replaced them near the fireplace.  Now I need your help.  This next week while the hubby is off skiing in Colorado I will be here, paint brush in hand, repainting the awful peachy tan we put up on the walls over a year ago with a beautiful pale gray.  I will also be hopefully revamping the table above, it's the Bjorkudden from Ikea, and it will either turn a darker gray or a lighter putty color.
What would you choose? 

Chairs for the table are still under debate...I love the chairs above, lower left, for their versatility and low price.  Ikea again.  Either in white or gray, still undecided.  But they seem like the perfect chair not only for dining but for moving around to the living room for extra seating that is still comfortable.

Also we are hoping to incorporate my grandparents old record player cabinet.  The hope is to revamp it into a bar cabinet after removing the stereo components.  Don't worry when we actually get to this, I'll post pictures:) 

Pillows and accessories above.  Will wait until these go on sale, that's why I mentioned above this is going to take a bit.  After all, it's just a *minor* transformation:)

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