Saturday, February 5, 2011

dahlia love

A little pretty on Saturday.

Can I just say how much I love this:

via EmersonMade

I love the ethereal quality and simple beauty.  Perfect addition to a cardigan.


Can I also mention how I adore the name Emerson.  Yup, it’s in my top 3.  Emme, short for Emerson.  I also quite like Ralph Waldo, the poet, not the name.  Too bad the hubs is not a fan like I am, of the name Emerson that is, not the poet.  Phew.

The flower pin reminds me of my wedding bouquet, which would have been my dream if it held peonies or dahlias.  That is if we could have pulled together our wedding in under 3 months or waited over a year, which we didn’t.  Spring would have been the perfect time of year for my favorite flower, the peony. My bouquet was to be full of peonies, specially flown in from Florida for our special day.  Unfortunately Hurricane B, C, or F put a damper on the plan, the week before our wedding.  Good thing our amazing florist was able to create a gorgeous stand in out of roses:

Either way, I love the pale shades of pink with the subtle creams and whites, just like the beautiful EmersonMade flower pin.  I know I won't be purchasing one like that anytime soon so I found some inexpensive stand-ins on Etsy:

do you have a favorite flower? 

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