Saturday, March 3, 2012

Baby B–21 Weeks

Seems like we were just talking about week 20…but that update was on the later side so this week we’re on track! One more week down and 19 more to go. I love that we’re on the down hill side of things!

This was filled with the same old stuff…keeping busy at work, hitting the y, errands, you know the stuff. As far as baby things go, it’s the week I pulled out fabrics and paint colors in hopes that something will catch my eye. Harder than it seems. Remember my couch post: narrowing down our baby style is almost harder than figuring out our own:)

How big is baby?

Baby is growing away…seems like yesterday she was as big as a grape and now she’s as long as a carrot! Mama’s so proud! Her eyelids and eyebrows are fully formed and her tastebuds are forming. Hope she likes what mama’s eating:) Right now the menu hasn’t been that varied but I’m hoping to change that soon! She’s also 10 1/2 inches and holding steady around a pound. Way to go baby girl:)

How am I feeling?

I’ve been feeling better. Last week when I was so exhausted I began to wonder if it was something in my diet. I’m not a huge protein eater in general but that is definitely one of the things that has been less appealing in pregnancy. So this past week I focused on getting more protein in and as a result I wasn’t quite as tired. Who knows if that was the cause, but I’m happy for the extra energy. Other than that I’m feeling great!

How am I changing?

All I want is water. I can’t get enough! This was the first week I really craved water and as a result, my trips to the bathroom have steadily increased. Also the sugar craving, well that’s slowed down as well. I think it’s so interesting what your body craves or you crave during pregnancy. This past week I couldn’t get enough of Rocky Rococo pizza. I went twice. Now I don’t want it anymore. Rocky’s is up in Brooklyn Park and it’s a WI staple. It’s not the greatest pizza but it’s what I grew up eating. My sister would pick me up from school and we’d spend the lunch hour feasting on pizza and breadsticks. Funny how many things of childhood make themselves known during 9 months of pregnancy!

Little Tidbits:

Weight gained: 1 pound, up to 10 pounds total
Days until we see my family: 6
Number of fabrics under consideration: 4
Baby things bought: 0
Days until Florida: 16:)

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