Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby B - 24 Weeks

It’s been an exciting week for our sweet baby girl! We took off early this week to visit my in-law’s in Florida and are thoroughly enjoying a week of good R&R! The flight was uneventful, our luggage made it, our company is delightful and the weather has been beautiful…not much to complain about:) Although I did forget our camera battery; don’t worry it’s safe at home charging. At least it will be fully operable when we return…doh!

So in spite of our one fluke, there’s no picture of me this week. But I think the picture I do have is quite a treat:
Baby 25 weeks
That there is a picture of our beautiful baby girl! No we did not expectantly find ourselves in the ER, instead we thought it might be fun for Alex’s parents, since they’ve been in FL since Dec., to catch a glimpse at our baby girl up close. So we headed to a nearby ultrasound clinic, paid a small fee, and spent 30 minutes enjoying our baby! Not a bad way to spend some time on vacation. We’re pretty sure she’s got a dimple like her mama and were not at all surprised to see her hands up by her head. From the jumps of my stomach, we knew they had to be near.

And still more, we have our nursery options decided after the tech confirmed again, she is still a GIRL!

OB-baby girl #1(if you haven’t discovered the brilliance of Olioboard, go there quickly)

Walls: Blue
Crib: Arlington in white by Franklin and Ben
Glider: Valentino by Little Castle in Charcoal Linen
Curtain Fabric: Chanda Stripe by Annie Selke
Embroidery Pattern: for a pillow by Sarah Jane Studios
Dresser: Ikea Hemnes in White
Pink Pouf: Land of Nod
Rug: Still under consideration; green one from Serena and Lily
Accessories: Pink

Still to be determine: light fixture, side table, book storage, rug, EXACT paint color, storage in general, artwork

How big is baby?

Baby has been growing for over 168 days and is now weighing in just over a pound. What a champ! Still around a foot long Baby center says she’s as LONG as an ear of corn. According to the ultrasound, she’s still all curled up and looking nice and pudgy! As pudgy as she can at 1lb and 12 inches long:) Her brain is growing quickly and her lungs are just about finished forming. At our last appointment with our OB she mentioned we have now graduated to the 3RD TRIMESTER! Although most books state tri 3 starts around 27 weeks, she said since this is when baby is VIABLE, meaning there’s a good chance of survival and they would try to keep her living, she always makes this the marker! So yay for 3rd trimester!

How am I feeling?

Sore and red! Apparently my skin is more susceptible to the sun…I got my first sunburn while in Florida in what seems like decades! Hopefully I won’t peel and will be good as new when we get home. Otherwise I’m still feeling great, enjoying being active and ready to start on the nursery. Also relieved that my last day has been finalized. As of April 13th I will be done! Considering our house is still in shambles since the move, I’ll be happy to give it my full attention in hopes of some organization before she arrives!

How am I changing?

Back pain is still present at times and I’m sure it’s here to stay. My stomach is slowly growing bigger and I’m excited to see how big it will actually get. It’s pretty amazing what’s going on in there! Another change I noticed this week was that my hands are getting swollen. I stopped wearing my rings to bed weeks ago, but during the day I wear three on my ring finger and have had to take one off at all times. It’s also getting harder to take them off…pretty sure I might be in the market for a beautiful cubic sometime soon:)

Little Tidbits:

Weight gained: no idea, scales don’t exist on vacation:)
Baby things bought: many…there’s a Janie and Jack outlet here, um it’s a weakness!
To do once home: Order the crib and paint the nursery
Books read: 2
Looking forward to: Hunger Games with my book club!

QUESTION: What questions would you ask when interviewing a new Pediatrician?

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  1. We asked our pediatrician how she felt about slowing down/spreading out his immunizations. We want to do them, just more slowly. The first guy we saw wouldn't give an inch. The second one was more on board with listening to our POV. I found some sheet on the internet with a list of Qs...

    another good one is about availability when they are off duty (e.g., call lines? email? cell phone? etc.). First guy said he checked email all the time (that would have been nice!!!) but our dr gave us her cell in case of emergencies.