Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby B - 23 weeks

Well we’re one more week into this! This week has been such fun; finally deciding on a fabric for the nursery, visiting our OB for our 24 week appt., spending the first beautiful spring day with family, and making decisions! I happen to be a pretty indecisive person and as much as I love decorating and planning, there are weeks like this one where I just want things done and ordered. Good thing we were able to make some of that happen! Relief!

Baby is doing great…I feel her all the time now, even our OB asked if she was always this busy. While getting her heartbeat recorded at our appt. she was kicking the monitor! It took our OB quite some time to get her heartbeat but she did and boy has it lowered. Right now her little heart is beating away at 140bpm…hmmm, hoping she’s still a girl:) Good thing we get one more ultrasound in a few weeks to make sure!

Speaking of decision making here is the fabric we are using for the nursery curtains. We wanted the room whimsical and fun yet not overly girly with plenty of room to grow. So this is what we settled on; hoping to get that mood board done for a post later this week! Way cuter in person…also this week we settled on our crib!

How big is baby?

She’s growing! Now at 23 weeks she’s as heavy as a large mango.
Still curled all up inside, she’s just over a pound and almost a foot long. We see her skwirm about inside, moving my belly all over the place and apparently loud noises are becoming more familiar to her. Good thing because this little one has no idea how noisy her mommy’s family can be:) She’ll be all ready to join right in! We definitely know she can hear things outside the womb because she knows daddy’s voice and kicks in response and she LOVES (aka…goes crazy at) church. Must be the singing!

How am I feeling?

DSC_1372 (3)
Honestly a bit overwhelmed with life and frustrated that things that came easy to me before are leaving me scatterbrained and clumsy. Trying to take one day at a time but my inefficiency is driving me a little nuts and if you remember I’m not the most organized/efficient person anyways. We made a decision that quitting work early might be the best solution for our family…there are so many things we appreciate: doing a complete job, having food in the pantry, dinner on the table and not take out, a clean house, undivided attention for my husband and his work, and less chaos, so in order for those things to be accomplished my part time job needs to go. Not my first choice, but I know it will be the right one. Hoping vacation next week helps me refocus and get rejuvenated!

How am I changing?

I haven’t noticed any big changes this week. Up one pound for a total of 12, still gaining little by little and feeling so good about it! I’m also definitely more emotional which is hard to work through. Before being pregnant, I was not one to cry at the drop of a hat or get my feelings hurt, but now, oh my, what a change. Not necessarily bad, but very different. Sometimes I’m sure Alex looks at me and wonders who I am:)

Little Tidbits:

Days until vacation: 2 YAY!
Major decisions made: 2 (fabric and crib)
# of times I wake up each night: 1
When baby is active: early morning and all evening
Names under consideration: still too many to count, although I have one favorite!

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