Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby B - 22 Weeks

Well another week has passed and we’re still doing great! Highlights from this week included lots of working and plenty of brainstorming for the nursery. I can’t wait to get started in there and for the room to start taking shape. Hard to believe that in 17 weeks we’ll have a little one in our house!

Other highlights this weekend: we headed back to WI to visit my family and my 8 year old niece Kate and I went to see Mary Poppins at the Performing Arts Center. She was ecstatic and I can’t say that I wasn’t…Mary Poppins was definitely one of my top 3 favorite movies as a kid and I know every word to every song. This Auntie thought it was fantastic! Being with family is always a treat especially since they haven’t seen us since Christmas time. A lot has changed since then:)

Looking ahead we’re very excited for warmer weather and heading out on vacation. I ordered a few things from Old Navy maternity that turned out really cute. Now I’m set with cute shorts and dresses that will hopefully help me make it through the beginning of the summer as well!

How big is baby?

Baby this week is growing right along. She’s as long as a squash, around 11 inches and weighs in at a pound. Baby’s eyes have fully formed but the irises have not taken on pigment. I’m willing to bet that she will have beautiful brown eyes. We checked out this site that helps determine eye color, entered our information and were given a very high chance of brown eyes. Not surprised since we have brown and hazel eyes and brown is dominant. Takes me back to Biology class!

How am I feeling?

Feeling good but I’m definitely beginning to notice that my smaller frame and short waist are not working to my advantage. I’m starting to feel a little winded when I do normal tasks and eating now has become a challenge of how much and how often. My insides are squished already and I can’t begin to think about just how much harder this will all get over the next 17 weeks.

My back has also been hurting quite a bit and I’m hoping to figure out why in the next week. We have another appointment with our OB and I want to make sure it’s not from standing all the time at work. May have to say goodbye to my part time job a little early. I think a trip to the chiropractor may be in my future!

How am I changing?

The belly button is fully out. It’s noticible through shirts and it’s one of the first things my dad noticed:) I was at the Y doing squats and lunges the other day in a big t-shirt and shorts and I came home and asked Alex if I still looked pregnant. His response: “your belly button gives you away!” Ha!

Little Tidbits: 

-Days until vacation: 8
-Pounds gained: 1, up to 11 total
-Items bought for baby: a few:)
-Looking forward to: picking out our nursery furniture after vacation and getting the room ready
-Shower dates planned: 2 and 1 to go


  1. love to see the changes.praying for you and baby.

  2. I have a good Chiropractor in EP if you need a referral. She's really good with kids and pregnant mommies.