Friday, April 22, 2011

wednesday’s deals

On Wednesday I hit up double coupon day at Rainbow.  If you haven’t visited a Rainbow lately please do.  I also proceeded to have my heart beat half out of my chest that maybe I did something wrong when I pulled up to the checkout, cart full of boxes, and proceeded to have to cashier do two check outs for me just so I could double 10 coupons.  Yup.  I was that person.  Good thing she was super quick and the grocery wasn’t crowded.

But I did almost loose my cookies.  I’m not sure why, I was just saving money, but it just seemed too good to be true.  I can understand slightly why those coupon ladies are so crazy.  I’m not going there.  But I am going to try and I just might find myself at the grocery on double coupon day again, on a Wednesday, not a Saturday.  We all know to avoid the grocery on a Saturday, right?

I don’t want to become that crazy person that always posts her great deals.  But darn it, I’m excited over how much I saved!  Hopefully this might help you too:) 

Wednesday Breakdown:

First Batch:
4 12-packs of Coke                                                            4@ $1.99 each
(Coke, CF Dt. Coke, Mr. Pibb, and Orange)
Cucumber                                                                                 $1.50
3 Bananas                                                                                  $.58
3 Kraft Dressings                                                                       $3.84 (coupon $1/2)
6 Boxes of Ronzoni Pasta                                                         $6 (coupon $1/2)
4 Frozen Juice Conentrates                                                      $4 (coupon $1/4)
(we drink a lot of juice and these don’t take up space)
1/2 Gallon of Chocolate Milk                                                   $1.25
TOTAL:  15.67 
SAVED $33.54

Doubled the above coupons.  I had 3 coupons for the pasta which means I got 6 boxes of pasta for FREE!

Second Batch:
8 boxes of Crackers                                                                8 @ $1.99 each
(2 Cheeze-it, 2 Toasteds, 1 Club, 3 Townhouse)                    (3 $1 off coupons)
Sour Cream                                                                               $1   ($1 off coupon)
Eggland’s Best Brown Organic Cage Free Eggs                      $3.09 (.75 off coupon)
Eggland’s Best White Eggs                                                     $2.69 ($.50 off coupon)
Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage links and patties                  2 @ $3.00 each ($2 coupon)

TOTAL:  $20.20
SAVED $21.60

That’s a lot of crackers I know.  But hopefully we won’t have to buy them for a whole year.  That sounds good to me.  Spent $36.87 and I saved 60% ($54.22)

Then I headed to Walmart for some board games.  There are Hasbro coupons out right now for $2 and $3 off popular games.  I’ve been wanting to gather more games for when kiddos come to play so this was the perfect opportunity.  They had Operation and Candy Land for $5 each. 
Candy Land    $5
Operation        $5
Total:               $10
Paid:                $5.87

Best part, they came with mail in vouchers for Free Tombstone Pizza up to $7.  So not only did I pay basically $2.50/game but I will get 2 free pizzas for up to $14.  Not bad at all. 

If you are looking for coupons, I find so many at, by searching google, from the Sunday Newspaper, and from Brand sites.  Organic coupons can be found on the retailers website.  I buy our Organic Valley milk ALWAYS with a $1 coupon. Amazing.

Just a little work and you are saving money.  Hopefully I can keep this up.

What are your favorite coupon sites?

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