Wednesday, April 20, 2011

6 boxes of cereal for $3.74 + 2 Gallons of milk

In an attempt to try and lower our grocery bill a bit, I’ve gotten back into couponing.  Don’t worry I won’t turn Extreme! A few months back we started to get a Sunday paper again and not wanting that cost to go to waste, I diligently cut coupons. 

If you know me, you know that I strive to try and put fewer and fewer processed foods on our table. I figure in the long run it’s just better for us to eat food the way God made it and the fewer ingredients the better.  But there are exceptions for everything.  My hubby, well he has an love for Cheeze-its, crackers, fruit snacks, and soda.  As much as I try to make our meals have fewer ingredients, our snacks are the opposite.  What does cereal have to do with this?

Well, we’ve been eating more of it because of couponing.  Cereal gets so cheap it’s not even funny.  That being said, cereal is for the most part more nutritious for the hubs than Toaster Strudels and bagels, his breakfasts of choice.  And so much more CONVEINANT!

That brings me to the deal.  At RAINBOW FOODS this week General Mills cereals (Cheerios, Kix, Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios, Trix, & Multi Grain Cheerios) are $1.99 a piece when you buy 6 AND you get 2 coupons for FREE gallons of milk.  Quite the deal.  But it gets better, they’ll give you $3 when you buy 6 boxes.  Additionally there are coupons out for almost all of these kinds for between $.55-$.75 off/box.  Just google them.  I am certain about the Cheerios, Kix, and Trix.  Target has them on their website and they are MANUFACTURER COUPONS, meaning you can use them at Rainbow.

Here’s the breakdown.

Buy 6 @ $1.99 a piece   =  $11.94
Minus $3 for buying 6 =   -3.00
2 $.55 and 2 $.75         =   -2.60
Total after coupons           $6.34

If you have more coupons you get more off.  If you purchase this deal with an additional $14 purchase on other things like Ronzoni Pasta ($.50 after coupon) you can double your coupons.  Up to 10 coupons this Saturday can be doubled. 

If you double the above 4 coupons you pay $3.74 for 6 boxes of cereal and 2 coupons for FREE milk!  What a deal!

I definitely would have taken advantage, but we have 7 boxes of cereal in the pantry.  Oops!


  1. I usually have about 15-20 boxes of cereal at a time in my cupboard b/c of this deal at Rainbow. I haven't actually BOUGHT milk in over a month, but have receieved 4 free gallons from coupons PLUS the one time I redeemed a coupon for free milk, they printed me of ANOTHER free gallon coupon, just for using my other coupon! HA! And sometimes the coupons say "Up to $3.50 off a gallon" so they just knock $3.50 off the total bill, even if your milk only cost $2.50! Love it!

  2. I LOVE it! Glad I'm not alone. If we had more room to store Cereal I'm sure I would do this deal every time!