Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011

Year after year the hubby and I keep trying to make tiny, small steps to being greener.  As you may have noticed from our last post, we don’t do everything green.  In fact, so much of what we do isn’t green.  But that being said, we’re trying, small steps at a time.

The area we’ve tried to green/healthify the most has been our pantry.  Again, if you look at our snacks you might be shaking your head, she’s crazy.  But as far as snacks go, we let just about anything in our house.  They’re treats/snacks.  Not our main meals.  Ways we tried to go greener/healthier:

-we drink almost exclusively Organic milk
-we try to consume organic chicken and grass fed beef (as our budget will allow)
-we go vegetarian at least once if not twice a week
-I try to make many of our breads, treats, etc. at home (less processed)
-joining a CSA for locally grown vegetables and fruits
-Organic and most often cage free eggs
-utilizing the bulk bins for staples (less packaging)
-using glass storage containers instead of plastic (less bpa exposure/~$30 from Costco)
-using water bottles instead of bottles of water (we need new ones, suggestions?)
-using our own bags when at all possible

I know we have a ways to go and we can always do things better but some things are a little harder in an apartment and to be honest as much as I want to be greener, most often the thought behind it is that it’s better for our health or cheaper.  If we had a house and we did any remodeling, I really would spend the money to utilize greener elements.  I would love to have solar panels, a rain barrel, and our own garden when the time comes.  

I’m curious what you at your house do to be greener?  What are your favorite products?  Have you overhauled your beauty/health regime with products that are better for your skin, overhauled your food choices, or went green with cleaning supplies?

Last year we joined our first CSA and we liked so many things about it.  Not everything mind you but we enjoyed the experience enough to join another one this year.  We joined Driftless Organics on a recommendation from our friends and we are very excited.  Now we are looking into a Beef CSA.  Has anyone done that?

Here’s to being greener, getting healthier, and saving some money along the way!

Happy Earth Day (and Good Friday)!

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