Tuesday, April 26, 2011

favorites on the web

Lately I’ve been trying to streamline my time on the internet.  Too often I can get all caught up in browsing away and then I look up and there went the time.  I’m a paper and pen kind of person but I know that in order to streamline some things I

These are some of my favorites right now that I’m hoping will help me quicken my time on the internet so I’ll have more time for more important things.

1.  Pinterest

In the past I’ve been bookmarking all sorts of things and categorizing them that way.  I’m loving this new site that I’ve been turned on to by a friend.  Although I joined about a month ago I finally started “pinning” today and I already love what I see.  It’s a great way to save pictures online of clothing, house inspiration, kid stuff, etc. and everything is grouped however you choose with a link to the original photo.  All you have to do is click “pin it” and you are all set to preserving all the things that tickle your fancy.

To sign up for Pinterest, follow the link below:

2.  Grocery IQ

Although I have only gotten started with this app/website I’m sure it will help me strategize and better prepare for grocery shopping.  With the ability to make lists for certain stores, view coupons, and find out what favorites need restocking, I’m certain this is going to save me some time.  It’s always a bit time consuming to set these things up, but after the hard work, it’s certain to reap big in time savings and energy.

3.  Evernote
I’m constantly leaving a trail of sticky notes behind me.  It’s really a epidemic I’m afraid.  I often find myself rewriting the same thing because I lost the post it or having my desk covered in little yellow squares.  In my 30 for 30 I mentioned wanting to become more organized and this app/website is sure to pave the way into being an organized woman.  Best part?  I can write things on my computer and it will automatically sync to my phone app or the other way around.  I like that.  Never will I miss something again!  (or so I can hope).

Now to only get comfortable using google calendar to sync our lives together.  Not sure I’m ready for that.  But these above, I love.  I hope you will too.

What technological things do you use to streamline your life?  Favorites please!

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  1. oh i've actually heard a lot of great stuff about pinterest--it's very cool.

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