Thursday, January 13, 2011

boot camp

I'm not talking about a Jillian and Bob type boot camp.  No running over things, up things, or under things.  And no, not like a bear hunt either.  Actually nothing like anything the words "boot camp" conjure up.  Instead I'm chatting about boots, the ones you put on your feet.

Whenever I see "put together" women wearing tall boots, short boots, booties, etc. I'm so inspired.  I happen to think that we all have that inner fashionista inside of us but I don't seem to always  have the confidence to pull it off.  But on the other hand, sometimes I (we?) just need to take the plunge.

The other night I scored two amazing deals on boots.  I've been on the lookout for the past few months for some black boots.  Flat if possible, not too trendy, just to wear with my jeggings and leggings, and inexpensive without being cheap looking.  A tall order because I really am pretty frugal and yes, if you just caught on I also just admitted that I have caved to the trend and now own both -eggings!

But back to the boots.  Boy oh boy are they beautiful.  They you might ask?  Oh yes, one cannot pass up an amazing deal.  So I purchased 2 pairs.  I know, I know but they were such a good deal.  A flat pair of taller black boots and a pair of tall brown boots with a heel.  Yup, with a heel.  I'll say it again, with a heel!

You may be wondering what the fuss is about, but until I found these I just didn't do boots with a heel   I have a pair from college that has a taller skinny heel and for some reason when I wear them I just feel...a little, well out of my element.  Scandalous, maybe?  So I've avoided.  That is until I set my eyes on these:

They remind me of a pair my mom had back in the 80's.  I love the chunky heel.  They are by Born Crown, a division of Born.  I love me some comfortable shoes, boots, slippers.  In fact most of the shoes in my closet could have also lived one day in my grandmothers.  Full of Born, Clarks, Naturalizer, Sofft, etc.  Call me crazy, but I just love for my feet to be comfortable.  Maybe that's a sign of aging.  Ah, well had to happen some time.

But back to the beautiful brown boots.  I found these at Marshall's.  Unscathed.  That never happens, but they are in mint condition, one pair left in my size.  Again that NEVER happens.  So I scooped them up.  Actually I scooped them, then put them back, left for a bit and came back to scoop them up.  $200 boots for $49.  Past season, whatever.  These are classic.

But back to what I really went in for.  Black boots.  I found these:

Steve Madden Criskros.  So incredibly comfortable and so out of my comfort box, I mean they have zippers.  But I put them on anyways, because they were only $34 and a girl needs her some black boots.  Much to my surprise, I fell in love again and these I scooped up and didn't turn back until they were bought and paid for.  Once I came home I pounced online to see just how much I saved and then I realized they still MAKE these.  $80 at Steve Madden, $60 at Piperlime, and $70 at Zappos.  $100 boots for $34.  Not bad, not bad at all.

So that was my first session of boot camp. Finding out what I like, playing around a bit, and coming home with a bit more in my bag.  Just like real camp, only minus the kum-bah-ya around the campfire.

So tell me, do you have a favorite pair of boots?  Anything you avoid?


  1. I just ordered a bunch of shoes... Since i can no lopnger just hop off to Marshals very often. too got some funky styles. I can't wait to try them on. I really like the two style you chose. And of course that the one is a madden. <3

  2. can't wait to see what you picked out! oh, you could still get to marshall's if you really wanted to:) i giggled to myself when i realized i picked a madden shoe after you posted on facebook!