Saturday, January 15, 2011

things i love

I love hearing from others regarding what they have found works for them, products they like, etc.  It's so much easier to take someone's word for what works and what doesn't rather than going about things by trial and error.  I tend to find I usually agree with most suggestions and not only is my time saved, but our money is as well.

So I thought it would be fun to weekly or bi-weekly throw out my favorites when it comes to beauty products, household items, cleaning products, deals, etc.  So won't you join me in helping each another find great quality items that will not only last but will make life a little easier...sounds good to me!

ps...I need your help too.  Anything you'd like to hear about?  Every week I'm going to be looking forward to hearing from you and what you have found that works well, because this woman would love to have things tweaked for the better:)

let's chat favorites soon, sound good?

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