Monday, January 17, 2011

new planner, new year

Every year I find myself struggling to find the perfect fit when it comes to organization and planning out our life on paper.  I'm a pen and paper kind of person, I cannot switch to using an app on my phone.  I've tried, believe me, even google calendar is too much trouble.  If I do use an app I just end up with piles of lists and paper all over the place because at the end of the day, whether I like it or not, I'm still going to write all that stuff down.

Maybe I need to enroll in list-makers anonymous...wonder if there is such a thing for those of us who cannot keep up with the times and switch to managing our lives online.  Although I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.  At least this LMA club would be fun...who wants to join?

Alright back to the topic at hand, or should I say the topic that fits perfectly IN my hand?  I think I've found a winner.  But first let me explain my dilemma.  For years I loved my Franklin Covey planner; not only could I keep my life in there but I also kept everything else in there: credit cards, money, lists, etc.  Only negative, it was kind of bulky to carry around all the time not to mention when it was bursting at the seams b/c I had neglected to go through it for eons.  So that didn't work.

Then as part of my homemaking group (not as archaic as it sounds) where older women pair with younger women, so we can feed off their vast array of knowledge, a woman shared about her system of organizing her calendar.  See she used a regular old notebook and printed off monthly calendar pages which she moved each week to another page.  I tried this for 6 months.  I liked so many parts of it EXCEPT carrying around a giant notebook.  Even a small notebook would have been tricky.

So what's a girl to do.  I knew that I wanted something that had monthly pages and weekly pages, was small enough to fit in my purse and left room for customization for the week.  I also wanted it to be fully contained.  Random tidbit, I actually keep all of my old calendars.  I have them all the way back to my freshman year of high school.  I know that's kind of ridiculous, but seriously it's the best representation and diary type thing that I keep up with.  So many events archived, kind of like why I blog, but different really.

So back to the planner or more rightfully labeled agenda.  I hit the jackpot when I landed at momagenda.  I'm not a mom but they had something for those of us who are not...the myAgenda.  Seriously it's the best of both worlds and you can try it before you buy it.  They are genius over there on that site, I tell you, genius.  You can print off what the agenda has in it...a week at a time to see if you like the format.  I did that for a couple of weeks and what would you know I was hooked.
{image from momAgenda}
So I got me one in bright shiny silver.  I'm in love.

Here in the city you can swoon up close and personal at these retailers:

Epitome  --  Edina, MN  (in the Galleria)
Watermark Fine Stationery  --  Wayzata, MN 

And if you love a deal like I do, you can score 35% off on their website plus an additional 10% off by following this link:

use discount code:  mom56746

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  1. I am exactly like you...I need my (pen and paper) planner, I love making lists, and cannot imagine switching to an online calendar! I've used Paperchase spiral calendars for five years now and love them.

    I also keep all of my old planners! :)