Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pregnancy and Postpartum fashion

Heads up…I am not a fashion guru.

But I’m almost 7 months pregnant and I know the inevitable is coming. Hands down the hardest time for me to get dressed is when I’m pregnant or have just had a baby. Because as you all know your body is not your own. It’s a wonky, ill fitting, bumpy version of your original and in most cases pregnancy changes some things.

When I was pregnant with Elizabeth I stocked up on quite a few maternity fashion staples. I had my favorites and this time around *most* of those things still work. The hardest part has been being more pregnant in the hotter summer months this time around. I learned my lesson last time that pregnancy stretches regular clothing out and it will never be the same afterwards. Not too mention there are a few non-maternity maxi dresses that I wear during pregnancy that I just cannot remove from the closet afterwards. I’ve spent far too much time in them!

So this time around, to bridge the gap until more of my summer clothing fits, I’ve invested in cheap tank tops and tees from Old Navy and shorts from Target a couple of sizes bigger than normal. As far as the tops, they may be ruined by the end, but the shorts will come in handy for our vacation in January when nothing will fit.

But that’s nothing to what is really hard. Last time around, postpartum dressing was the hardest. You don’t want to invest in a lot because *hopefully* the weight will eventually come off but none of us really know when it will, right? After Elizabeth was born my step-mom took me shopping and bought me a couple of pieces that worked perfectly postpartum; flowing tops, button ups, and maxi skirts. Again, it was summer. This time around it will be fall and I’ll have the bonus of sweaters and layers to help hide my changing body. But that still leaves me with the wonky nursing situation.

I’ve already begun searching for those workable pieces to add to my closet come fall. If nursing goes well, I’ll want button up access and flowing cardigans to help make nursing easier. Seriously…dressing oneself while nursing makes my head spin. I’m not one to just let everything hang out but I’m also one who doesn’t always want to use a cover. So finding those prize pieces that allow you to nurse and stay semi discreet are like finding gold.

Here are some things I have my eye on and I can only hope some of the pants I had the last go around will actually work postpartum this time around. Fingers crossed. Investing in a couple new pieces I know will go a long way in making my frumpy, bumpy postpartum body feel a little bit better!

I’m hoping once the baby comes and things (i.e.. my body) get a bit more back to normal to create a capsule wardrobe. We are always trying to simplify and get rid of and I’d love to have fewer, more well fitting, items to choose from than the mish mash that is my closet. Have you done one?

I’m realizing I’m almost too far ahead of the game though because fall apparel is not yet in stores. I’m hoping that within the next month things will be out so I will have a better idea of what is needed. Seriously, dressing myself during the nursing months is probably my least favorite part about nursing. Sigh.


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

In my lineup we have a great crossover top from Boden. I’d love to find a few more like this, even short sleeve for layering. This is about as easy access as you get!

Then we have the tunic from Jcrew Factory and while I’m not sure I could quite pull it off, I love the versatility and easiness of throwing it on over leggings.

Cognac flats. Need I say more. These are a staple in my wardrobe every season. I just asked Alex’s opinion on a pair while shopping and his response, “they look like all your other shoes.” He doesn’t get it. Cognac goes with everything!

Flowy top from Madewell, I really like this one. Pretty, easy access, and not tights so the extra belly is camouflaged.

Blazers can be a great alternative to a wrap or cardigan sweater and I love the more tailored look. Because Lord knows I don’t need anymore wraps or cardigans:)

And last but not least the popover button-down. Covers the belly and easy access. Now hopefully I’ll find a pair of straight jeans to finish the looks.


What are your favorite tips for discreet nursing apparel/easy access tops and dressing a bump?


( AND J.crew Factory opens in August in Eagan, MN for you locals! )

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  1. Ugh, I hear ya. Seven months post-Grace and I'm still struggling with clothes-shopping. I don't want to spend too much because I could weigh a lot less in one month or three months. It's so annoying. I'm wearing JCrew Factory and Gap t-shirts in the meantime, and not buying any nice investment pieces until my frumpy postpartum body is in better shape. It's so hard being a woman sometimes, isn't it? :(