Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stitch Fix #4

I haven’t shared a Stitch Fix reveal since the first fix! Sorry about that. I have to admit that the second two were less than stellar and I only kept one item from the two of them combined. Despite having a very detailed Pinterest board and giving lengthy feedback, they just haven’t quite pinned down my style. Which of course is a bit frustrating if you see other bloggers reveal their great goods:)


If you are unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, it’s a personal styling service where you fill out a detailed style profile and they send you 5 items they pick out for you. You can opt to have them send accessories as well although I always opt out of that as I prefer to pick my own. You pay an upfront styling fee of $20 and if you keep any item that $20 gets deducted from your total. So easy and convenient. And if you decide to keep all 5 items they take 25% off your total.

Pricing is set on a scale you set and I just moved a couple of categories up so my prices may be a bit more than most. But something to remember is that pricing will not be Target cheap. Even if you choose the least expensive box. I’d say they range from $35-$75 depending on the item. For me I use the service primarily to find items for girls night out, date nights, etc. because I often find I have nothing in my closet for those times. 

Also if you see something on someone’s blog that they received you can request it for your next fix and if they have it they will send it to you! I actually requested one item for this past fix and was ecstatic to see it in my box. For this fix I asked for items that would work while 7 months pregnant, transition into fall and postpartum and work for nursing. They did a great job making sure each item met one of those criteria.


So here’s what they sent me:

Mystree Truce Smock Detail Open Cardigan – $38

This was the item I requested and I’m so glad they sent it. Of the 5 items, this is the one I loved the most and that I kept from this fix. It will be perfect for postpartum and nursing and for the transition to fall.


Pomelo Polka Dot Tab-Sleeve Blouse – $58

This blouse was not a hit from the time I pulled it out. I knew it would be too short at any stage of life and it was. Also I’m not one for large polka dots. Returned.


Eight Sixty Presly Floral Print Blouse – $68

If the price of this next one would have been just a bit lower I would have kept it. It’s a little different from things I normally choose but it was really cute on and I could see the transition to fall with a cardigan making this a keeper. Ultimately it was just a bit much for the type of top it was. Returned.


Collective Concepts Mckinley Tie-Neck Blouse – $68

This top was actually a bit more navy than it is showing up in pictures and just fit like a potato sack. This is not my type of top normally, which is something I enjoy about using Stitch Fix. They make you go out of your box, but this was a bit matronly and too plain, again for the price. Returned.


Loveappella Carlita Chevron Print Dress – $78

And lastly this Maxi. I think the price is probably right on for this and had it been May I would have kept it in an instant. I tend toward more saturated autumnal tones for fall so I couldn’t get my mind around wearing it come fall. It also would have worked perfectly for maternity with the exception of the band under the bust. It was just a bit too wide and didn’t work well with my bump. I did love it though, very flattering and nothing I would choose on my own. Regretfully returned.



So there you have it.

My fourth Stitch Fix and I have to say it’s getting better. I am looking forward to doing it again postpartum when it actually is fall and they have more “fall-type” items in stock. I’m finding that I tend to do most of my shopping online for myself and just make sure I can return items I don’t like. It’s not uncommon for boxes chock full to show up and me just keep an item or two but being able to try on with items in your closet has become invaluable to me, especially with a toddler afoot.

If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix, follow this link to get started!

*The links in this post are referral links…I will get a small credit if you choose to sign up through it*

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