Thursday, July 3, 2014

Elizabeth is Two!

It happened y’all.

Obviously I’m still a bit in denial that our baby is SO big but she turned two. It doesn’t quite feel just like yesterday that we were holding a tiny baby because she was only a tiny baby for 9 short little months until we had a toddling, walking girl on our hands. But it does feel like she just turned one.

And two. Seriously the ages of 2-4 are my very most favorite in the world. No one should be surprised that being a preschool teacher was the eventual career path I settled on. Even though we are only a week into two it’s been so much fun.

E is 2

Here’s what true of Elizabeth at 2

-She MUST tuck her babies into their cradle before bed, complete with a hug and a kiss and layering their blankets on them. If she forgets, we hear about it and it must be done. I love her mothering little heart.

-Everything is “I Doey” or “I do it”".” Thankfully I’ve received the patience I need to see us through this stage. From car seat buckling (which she can do!!!) to pouring her own milk, she can do a LOT for herself. This emerging leadership and self-motivating spirit is encouraging.

-She is very inquisitive and is happy to just watch and take things in. She is perceptive…the other day I watched her doing a new puzzle, a difficult one, and she would stare at the piece and then at the board for minutes at a time and then perfectly plop the piece in the right spot. We imagine a girl who is mechanically inclined…We pray this piece of her is used for the kingdom of God and for the care of others.

-She loves to help. From cleaning, hammering, and everything in between. She’s always ready to help. I’m trying with all that I am to foster this and to give her plenty of ways to join alongside of me.

-She loves music and loves to sing. We taught her “God is so Big” and she walks around the house making muscles “strong!”. She sings to her babies and to others, especially Jesus Loves Me. We pray she will always desire, so deep down in her heart, to make a joyful noise, blessing others at the same time.

-She is for the most part incredibly obedient. We are to the point where she walks in Target holding the cart (she won’t sit anymore) and I can take her into stores with me without her running away and without the stroller. She’s going to be a great big sister!

-She loves eating ice out of cups, chipotle chicken burrito bowls and guacamole, dum-dums, milk, and cheese (colby jack specifically). She is like her daddy in that her tastes go in spurts (not including the aforementioned items)…one week she’ll like watermelon and the next she won’t touch it. Keeps us on our toes.

-She loves to do puzzles, feed her babies from her kitchen, slide down slides, go to the pool, ride her new bike, play with water, read books and play trains and duplos.


Elizabeth Mae, we couldn’t be more blessed to have you in our lives. We pray that one day you will come to know and love Jesus, that He will be your solid ground on which you stand. That your independence and perceptive mind would be put to use to make much of Him and would benefit others. We pray your curiosity and joy would overflow and that we would never hinder you but instead be willing participants in helping you succeed. You are an incredible joy, we love your laughter and your giggles. We count every single day with you a blessed gift and pray we have many, many more years to enjoy your company.


mommy and daddy.

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