Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Encouragement


via She Reads Truth

For the past couple of weeks I’ve slowly been studying along with the She Reads Truth study on Ruth. I’m through the middle of the second chapter of this short 4 chapter book. But it’s rich with encouragement. In my study book I bought from SRT there’s a “She Prays” section and I’ve been focusing on what I’ve gleaned of the Lord’s character. Here you go:


God CARES abundantly

God is NEAR

God WALKS with us ALWAYS

God SAVES and CALLS sinners

God is WORTHY of everything

God is WISE

His WAYS are not our WAYS


God is ALWAYS at work for our GOOD

God PROVIDES abundantly

His ways are GOOD

Two short little chapters and a wealth of encouragement. No matter our circumstances we have a God whose character is worthy of standing upon and trusting. When the day is long and so far from what we imagined, because of the truth of HIS character we can state with psalmist…

“The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;

indeed I have a beautiful inheritance!”

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