Thursday, March 20, 2014

wishing for summer

Have you gotten any clothing catalogs in the mail or walked through the mall lately?

We are have jumped past spring and we are into summer. Isn’t that crazy! We just got two inches of snow yesterday so swimsuit season still seems a bit further out. And to add madness to the season, this summer I’ll be celebrating 30+ pounds heavier and full of water.

When the catalogs come out and I go shopping for our little one I can only dream of wearing some of the really cute things that are out for summer. Thankfully one of my all-time favorite stores is not even located in our state (yet!)…J.Crew Factory.

But nevertheless it hasn’t stopped me from taking a gander and wondering if I should scoop anything up that I can’t seem to live without until next summer. I’m still uncertain if I can jump but we shall see. And by the way, I wasn’t kidding about the 30+ pounds and water weight part.

I’ve already put it in my mind that I will be a beached whale at the pool this summer with our daughter and no, I’m not ashamed. I will wear my skirted swim suit and rock this big old body full of baby and in all honesty this was the easiest closet switchover in history. Almost every item of clothing out and all maternity in. Thankfully I was pregnant with Elizabeth for part of the summer as well so at least I have summer clothes.

BUT…if I were not pregnant, these would be the things I would be tempted to add to my summer clothing stash. Have you ordered from J.Crew Factory before? I LOVE it. Somehow the quality is still pretty high for an outlet and the prices are quite a bit lower than the real J.Crew. And in my surmise some things are actually better, like the Minnie pants. The Winnie ones at J.Crew have this weirdly large calf area while the ones at the outlet are slimmer through the calf. Not too mention over 50% less and similar quality. Believe me…I purchased the real deal first and then got the outlet ones. So much better. And for anyone who dislikes returning things, great news…a REAL store is coming to Eagan this summer!!

PicMonkey Collage2


1. That green top. I LOVE that color and the silky material makes for a great dressed up tee look.

2. The Minnie pant. Super flattering, comfortable, and go with everything. I have these and LOVE them. They are also cropped which is perfect for spring/summer.

3. The Clare Cardigan. I have 5 of these maybe 6. I usually never buy cotton sweaters but this is a cotton blend and always keeps it’s shape. It’s a bit shorter so it’s perfect over dresses, tees, etc.

4. This striped pocket skirt. Would be perfect with a white tank and keds or sandals. Keds are making a comeback can you believe it?

5. This Ponte striped peplum top. I’ve wanted peplum for awhile and tried this on while on my way to Austin. Looks perfect with the Minnie pant and would be great with jeans as well.

6. Shorts. Let me just say that J.Crew shorts and their factory versions are my favorite shorts ever. My mom loves their longer version as well. I’ve had mine for years and they still look great.

7. This Ruffle top. I LOVE cornflower blue and I’m tempted to buy up anything I see in that color. It’s the one color I’m most often complimented in when I wear it and believe me I don’t wear it enough. This would look great with white denim.

8. These striped shorts. Oh my. These could look so great dressed up for date night or paired with a tee for a more casual day. I love the look and so wish they could work with a big old belly!

Obviously if you haven't noticed yet, I’m extremely preppy. At any point in the summer you will find me wearing my Sperry's, cotton shorts, a baseball cap and a popped collar. I just can’t help it I was born to live on the East coast and here I am in the Midwest. Not everyone’s style;)

Do you have a favorite store that is your go-to for clothing?


  1. I am an Eddie Bauer girl. Just placed a large order online today since everything is 30% off today only. I bought clearance items, getting many pieces for under $10.....and some full price items as well. Between Steve and myself we earn a fair amount of Eddie Bauer reward dollars every quarter, since that is about the only store we each shop - except for swimwear for me and ski gear for each of us.

  2. Eddie Bauer is great too! Alex loves their stuff...unfortunately being so short I have a hard time fitting in their things very well:(

  3. TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack, round out the top 3...

  4. Curious, does Alex like the JCrew Factory Store? Dan has been trying to find a good-quality pair of jeans at a decent price (seems unheard of!)

  5. Alex has other pants from jcrew factory but not denim. I have denim from there and it's great quality. Alex's favorites are super old and from jcrew so I'm not sure why we haven't ever tried the factory ones:)