Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Answering the Questions

Sounds like you were all a bit shocked by our news?

You’re in good company because we were shocked as well. Thank you so much for the outpouring of love towards us and in joining us in celebrating this incredibly good gift from the Lord. I knew there would be a couple of questions that would be on everyone’s mind, including one regarding my previous post on Infertility, Babies and Thoughts on More. So here are your answers!


1. Was this planned?

In short, no. When I went back for my postpartum appointment with Elizabeth Alex and I opted not to go on any birth control. At that point we made a decision to be open to whatever the Lord had for us and if He decided to grow our family, great. Ever since my cycle returned, I’ve been one of those exceptions our Reproductive Endocrinologist was speaking of. Relatively speaking my cycle was “regular” following pregnancy. That being said, I was not charting, monitoring or doing anything to know whether or not I was ovulating. But apparently I was.


2. How did you find out?

Before we left on our vacation to Florida in January I took a test. I wasn’t quite late yet but every once and awhile I was curious. It was negative. We went on vacation. Post vacation we had been back home and I didn’t feel so well. Alex asked me if I was pregnant and I said no. Well the next day with a digital test at home I was curious to see if he was right. I took the test, set it down, and went on with my day. After 10 or so minutes I went back to throw it out assuming it was negative and was incredibly shocked to see that it wasn’t. We found out January 27th.


3. How are you feeling?

I feel about the same way I did when I was pregnant with Elizabeth. Which means for the first 9 weeks or so I was EXHAUSTED. I was so tired while on my trip to the IF:gathering that the whole trip is a bit of a blur. Also for a few weeks I experienced some nausea throughout the day that I never experienced with Elizabeth. Overall this pregnancy seems very similar to my previous one.


4. When you wrote the post on Infertility, Babies, and Thoughts on More did you know you were pregnant?

Yes, I did know. BUT we were very cautious in who we told and when because I’ve had two previous losses, one that occurred while not on any infertility medication and one that occurred while on medication. We were aware and still are aware that we have no rights over this baby’s number of days. Also I write this blog as a journal of sorts. For me, the things I wrote in that post were topics I had talked through and thought about and wrestled through on my own and with others who had walked through infertility for MONTHS. I wanted a record of how I was feeling on the books per say and I also wanted to open the discussion for others. From the number of women I’ve talked through this with, this is a VERY NORMAL thing to feel and experience if you’ve endured infertility.


5. Will you find out what you are having again?

Yes. While I am not one for surprises, finding out also gives us the benefit of preparation. If we have another girl our nursery will stay the same and we will move Elizabeth to a big girl room. If it’s a boy, she can stay in her current room. Although our current thought is to move her crib with her as she’s perfectly content there. But we’re going to play it by ear as she’ll be a little over two when the baby arrives.


6. Are you excited?

Once the initial shock wore off and we saw the baby via ultrasound we allowed our excitement to spill over. As of today we are ecstatic. We know God’s ways are the best ways … but the reality of this pregnancy has made us make some budgetary changes and say no to some things that we had previously said yes to. All of them are things we are happy to reconfigure but we were not “planning” or “preparing” for future children. I already have a list of questions for all of you moms with more than one so I’ll be sure to write that up soon!


7. What’s your due date?

Official due date is September 30th. Although at the ultrasound the baby measured a bit smaller. So far I have not had my due date changed.


8. Cravings, differences between pregnancies, etc.?

This pregnancy feels very similar to the first one with Elizabeth. I crave junk food and take out, McDonalds anyone?, and citrus. Just like with Elizabeth I cannot stand leftovers or their smell. That’s the main thing that sets off my gag reflex, although this time around dirty diapers do as well. Last time I experienced a Subchorionic Hematoma, this time I’ve been spared. This pregnancy also feels different because I’m a busy mom of a toddler. Half the time I forget I’m pregnant.

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